Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: You must die!

Huo Ling was about to fly out the cave when the string on his feet tightened.  He suddenly lost his balance as he fell from the air. He did not have time to react as he hit the ground and was caught by the fatty again.

The fatty raised Huo Ling and said with a snort, “Run again, run again.  Watch how this fat master will eat you. I’ll rip out all your feathers first.”

Huo Ling was caught by the fatty again.  Tears appeared in his eyes as he said to Ye Yu Xi in his mind, “Master, I’ve failed.  I’m about to be eaten by him, don’t think of me…..”

“Just wait, I’ll be there soon.”  Ye Yu Xi said in her mind as she began to move faster.  She already saw the cave in the mountain and could even see a faint light coming from it.

The fatty held Huo Ling as he walked beside the fire.  He then said, “You’re still thinking of running, let see how you escape from this fat master’s palms.”  He tied Huo Ling to a stick and put the stick over the fire.

“Let Huo Ling go!”  Ye Yu Xi vaguely saw the fatty’s movements and her body exploded with killing intent.  She directly forced her will on the fatty inside the cave.

The fatty thought this place was already hidden enough, so he didn’t prepare any defenses.  When he suddenly heard this strange intrusion and could feel genuine killing intent, he was so scared that his hand began to tremble.

The branch with Huo Ling on it slipped from the fatty’s hand and Huo Ling fell with it into the fire.

Pipa!  The fire lit up.

“Fuck, who’s disturbing father’s meal.  This was a good sparrow and now it’s turned to ashes.”  The fatty looked at the sparrow who fell in the fire with a bit of pity.  The fatty grabbed the dagger beside him and a sharp aura was released.

The fatty had just stood up and Ye Yu Xi was standing at the entrance like a demon god.

“Where’s Huo Ling!”  Ye Yu Xi’s cold voice asked.  Just a moment ago, the mental connection she had with Huo Ling had suddenly broken!

The fatty spat out, “What Shui Ling, Huo Ling, this fat master does not have it. What are you shouting for, this father’s sparrow just fell into the fire!”

Looking at the burning bonfire.

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and her body released a killing intent several times stronger than before, causing the temperature in the cave to drop.  Her dagger appeared in her hand before she flew through the air, stabbing at the fatty’s stomach.

“Fuck!  You’re attacking for real!”  The fatty was shocked. When the temperature dropped, he knew this was bad.  Then he saw the dagger in Ye Yu Xi’s hand suddenly enlarge itself in front of him.


The dagger from Ye Yu Xi’s hand clashed with the dagger in the fatty’s hand and it made a crisp sound.

Ye Yu Xi’s attack failed, so she used her left hands to stab the fatty’s eyes.

The fatty seemed like he expected Ye Yu Xi’s attack and his upper body bent back.

Ye Yu Xi flew out with a kick that landed heavily in the fatty’s large stomach.

“Aiyo!”  The fatty gave a pitiful cry.

His fat body slammed against the wall.

“Young miss, let’s talk it out, there’s no need to fight!”  When experts fought, the result would be decided in an instant.  In just two moves, the fatty could already tell that he was not a match for this girl

Ye Yu Xi’s face was like ice as her eyes filled with killing intent, “You killed Huo Ling, so you deserve to die!”

“Huo Ling?”  The fatty was stunned.  This was his second time hearing this name as his fat head awkwardly looked at the fire behind Ye Yu Xi.  He stammer out, “You wouldn’t be talking about…..that bird, right?”


Ye Yu Xi did not answer as her heart filled with killing intent.  Huo Ling was not considered strong, but he was still her bird. If he died by this fatty’s hands, how could Ye Yu Xi let this fatty go.

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