Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 464

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Chapter 464: Cultivation technique cultivated together (Part 2)

“There are three servants and one maid who are our informants in General Ji’s Manor.  In General Xiahou’s Manor…..There are only two,”

Nangong Ying Xue thought about it.  General Xiahou’s Manor was more strict than General Ji’s Manor, so although she wanted to send more people in, most of her attempts had failed.

“Ying Xue, go have people spread news through the city.  Say that General Ji’s eldest son, Ji Wu Ye was killed in the Heaven Mountain Range by Blood Enchantress.  Now Blood Enchantress wants to erase their entire general’s manor to establish the Blood Enchantress’ might!”

“Big sister Yu Xi, you want to…..”  Nangong Ying Xue’s pupils became bigger.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  Since they couldn’t avoid it, they could only cause trouble.  As long as General Ji and Ji Wu Liang died, the General Ji’s Manor would collapse and this wedding matter would no longer exist.

Anyway of Ji Wu Liang’s two sons, one was dead and one was crippled.  This was already a grudge that couldn’t be resolved, this battle had to be fought in the end.

“Only I’m afraid the Feather Wing brothers will suffer.  After General Ji receives this news, he will fight to the death.”

A bloodthirsty glow appeared in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes.  It had been a long time since her Soul Devourer Blade had tasted blood!

“The brothers had already chosen to do this, they are prepared to face death at any moment.”

Nangong Ying Xue responded without caring at all.  Mercenaries…..Since they chose to step into this industry, they already had one foot in the gates of death!

Ye Yu Xi nodded before looking at Mu Xue Qing, “Xue Qing, you have to take a trip back to the Mu Manor and play along for the next few days, otherwise we’ll be the ones suffering.  Bing Ya, go with Xue Qing to the Mu Manor. Your cultivation is higher, so if anything happens, look out for each other.”

Mu Xue Qing and Dongfang Bing Ya nodded, not asking anything.

Ye Yu Xi naturally had her reason for planning this.  If the news of Mu Xue Qing being here was leaked, after General Ji obtained this information, he could use the excuse of kidnapping a minister’s daughter to kill his way over with the army!


Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t make such an elementary mistake.

After planning out several things, the sisters separated.  Tomorrow is the Primary Martial Auction Hall’s auction, this left them with not much time.

Ye Yu Xi sat in the main chair until her three sisters left before slowly standing up from the chair.

Letting out a long sigh, she walked out.

Looking up into the night sky, there were no stars.

There were dark clouds blocking the light of the moon.

“A wind is picking up…..Only how long will this gust of wind last.”

A complicated look flashed in Ye Yu Xi’s eyes as she turned to head to her room.

“Un?  Spiritual energy fluctuations?”

When she came to the door, Ye Yu Xi who had cultivated mental energy could vaguely feel spiritual energy fluctuations coming from her room.  It was like someone was cultivating inside!

Sending her mental energy in, Ye Yu Xi saw that sitting on her bed…..was Bai Jin Yi!

Ye Yu Xi’s mental energy only swept through once, but Bai Jin Yi who was cultivating already noticed it.

Bai Jin Yi changed his hand seal and slowly stopped.

Ye Yu Xi came in and when she saw Bai Jin Yi, Bai Jin Yi was standing up from her bed.  Inside the pitch dark room, there was faint golden glow around Bai Jin Yi that slowly went back into his body.

“Is something wrong?”

Ye Yu Xi coldly looked over at the faint smile on Bai Jin Yi’s face and couldn’t help asking, “Next time come into my room at different time!”

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