Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: You know alchemy?

Ye Yu Xi’s brows knit, “Come in and tell me.”

Ye Wen and Ye Man followed Ye Yu Xi into the living room.  Once they came in, they kneeled down again.

“What happened?”

Ye Yu Xi’s expression was calm, it was fine as long as these two were fine.  In her eyes, these two would be the pillars of her assassination organization.

“Young miss, we went to buy the materials and then put the materials in the side room before returning to cultivate.  But Ye Wen felt something was wrong after a while and went to check the side room. In the end…..In the end, the materials were all stolen by someone…..”  Ye Man was filled with self blame.

Ye Yu Xi sat there while her fingers tapped on the armrest of the chair.  She whispered to herself, “It was stolen…..”

Ye Yu Xi did not fly into a rage after these materials were stolen, but was rather very calm.  She suddenly looked at Qing’er which frightened her, “When you and Ye Wen searched the Zhao Manor’s treasure room, it was also emptied, right?”

Qing’er quickly said, “That’s right, that’s right!  Young miss, when Ye Wen and I went to the Zhao Manor’s treasure room, the lock on the door was still good.  When we opened the door, there was nothing inside. Ye Wen and I thought you had already taken everything away.”

The lock was fine, but the items were gone.  Ye Yu Xi slightly narrowed her eyes before suddenly thinking of something!

The Zhao Manor, the Li Family, and the Wang Family, their storage rooms were emptied by someone in a single night, with the locks all being fine.  Tonight this had happened to her, so it seemed like it was the same person.

“Where is the man I brought back today?”  Ye Yu Xi suddenly asked.

Ye Wen looked up, “He’s in the room in the back yard.”

Ye Yu Xi stood up and walked towards the back yard.  Qing’er and the others quickly followed her.

“Bai Jin Yi!  Come out.” Ye Yu Xi stood outside the room.

Bai Jin Yi was standing in front of the window, seeming like he had been standing there for a while, not moving at all.  Hearing Ye Yu Xi’s voice, he came back to his senses and an evil charm appeared on his face.

“Why is the young miss so anxious to find me?”  Bai Jin Yi walked out the door.

“In the four hours I wasn’t here, did any outsiders come in?”  Ye Yu Xi stared at Bai Jin Yi’s face, not letting any expressions he had escape.

Bai Jin Yi saw Qing’er and the others behind Ye Yu Xi and shrugged.  He said to Ye Yu Xi, “Other than you and me, the only other people are the ones standing behind you.”

“Outrageous!  Don’t forget that you were bought by my young miss!”  Qing’er saw that the young miss was being taken advantage of and she immediately exploded.

Bai Jin Yi curled his lips into a smile and his evil, charming face became even more mesmerizing.  He raised one brow, “Your young miss bought me to have me teach her how to refine pills, isn’t that right?”

“You!”  Qing’er wanted to say something, but Ye Yu Xi looked at her to stop her.

“You know how to refine pills?”  Compared to those herbs, the words Bai Jin Yin had just said was much more interesting to Ye Yu Xi.

“At least I won’t make half finished Purple Spirit Pills to waste herbs.”

“We’re leaving.”  Seeing that Bai Jin Yi did not want to talk, Ye Yu Xi turned to leave.

Bai Jin Yi looked at this decisive teenage girl in front of her and unknowingly, he was much more interested in her.  He reminded Ye Yu Xi from behind, “There was a person who took the things from the side room and he seemed to be heading west.”

Ye Yu Xi stopped for second before leaving the back yard.

Before she could walk out the gate, a young voice sounded.

“Master, master, quickly save me!  Quickly save me! Ah, I’m about to be eaten.”

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