Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 458

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Chapter 458: Dividing the loot (Part 1)

“Boss!  Boss? Are you up?  We’ve earned quite a bit this time!”

The fatty was outside Ye Yu Xi’s door and his voice was filled with excitement.

Huo Ling fell onto Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder and went out with Ye Yu Xi.

“Boss!  Those grandsons in the capital city are truly rich.  I’ve only gone through a few houses and my Space Ring already couldn’t hold anymore.  I had no choice but to come back first with Huo Ling.”

Although the fatty’s face looked a bit awkward, his mood was pretty good.  Even if he was to go again, it would be no problem.

“Come, we’re going to the training field.”

Ye Yu Xi thought about it, she already had a use for these things.

Coming to the training field.

After Shi Qing’s sparring, Nangong Ying Xue appointed Shi Qing as the Feather Wing group’s chief instructor, letting him be responsible for the daily training of the mercenaries.

These mercenaries were a bit unwilling at first.  Although they had experienced Shi Qing’s strength, he was still a bit young.

But…..In just two days, these mercenaries had submitted one by one.

The intensity of Shi Qing’s training was not something normal people could match!

In the beginning, there were some mercenaries that tried competing with Shi Qing.  They felt that they could surpass this kid in terms of training time and intensity, but…..in just half a day, these mercenaries were stunned.

From morning to noon, other than eating breakfast, Shi Qing didn’t stop for anything.  Several wood practice poles were broken before he swapped to stone practice poles.

Here’s a question.  If someone who has better talent and has a stronger cultivation, but works harder than you is in front of you, what reason do you have to be lazy?

Under Shi Qing’s lead, these mercenaries once again felt hot blooded like in their youth.

Early in the morning, there were already several mercenaries training there and their training clothes were drenched in sweat.

Ye Yu Xi brought the fatty and Huo Ling to the training field and saw these passionate mercenaries.  She nodded in satisfaction. With this momentum, in less than a month, the battle strength of these mercenaries will not lose to the army!

“Young miss!”

Shi Qing saw Ye Yu Xi come over and wiped off the sweat on his face before giving a serious bow to her.

Ye Yu Xi used her mental energy to check Shi Qing.  In just a few days, Shi Qing was already touching another bottleneck!

In time, he would only need one opportunity and he would reach the peak fifth spiritual level.

It seemed like Shi Qing’s Violent Blood Physique gave him quite a bit of help.

With Shi Qing’s current strength, if he went blood berserk, it would take quite a bit of effort even for herself to take care of him.

“Not bad.”  Ye Yu Xi flicked her hand and a white light flew at Shi Qing.


Shi Qing raised his hand to take it.  Looking down, he found it was a white jade bottle.

Looking at the pill inside, Shi Qing revealed a look of joy, “Thank you, young miss.”

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand, not caring about this.  Shi Qing was one of them, helping him raise his strength was beneficial to herself.

When she arrived at the training field, many of the mercenaries saw Ye Yu Xi and also stopped training.

In the past, Ye Yu Xi wouldn’t come here at all.

“Fatty, take out the things you’ve brought back.”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the fatty.

“Here?  Take it all out?”  The fatty was a bit stunned and his voice was a bit uncertain.

He had gone through the treasure rooms of over ten different manors.  The things there were almost enough to completely fill his Space Ring.

Ye Yu Xi nodded, not explaining it to the fatty.

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