Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 451

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Chapter 451: Don’t let go

“He’s saying you’re a monster.”

Ye Yu Xi explained before giving the Quenching Enigma Pill and the antidote to the fatty.

“This is the Quenching Enigma Pill, a kind of smoke pill.  When you use it, forcefully throw it onto the ground and a faint smoke will come out, causing the people who smell it to faint temporarily.  The other is an antidote. When you enter the residences, put the antidote in your mouth and you won’t be poisoned.”

Ye Yu Xi explained how to use the pill to the fatty.

“Ya!  Boss, this is some good stuff!  If this fat master had this toy back then, I wouldn’t have been chased by that group of children, humph, humph!”

The fatty looked at the pill in his hand like he was eager to try it out, but looking at Huo Ling on Ye Yu Xi’s shoulder, the fatty asked.

“Boss, what is Huo Ling coming with me for?  Those herbs, I can just use the Space Ring to bring them back.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at the sky, the moon was gradually being covered by the clouds.

With a dark night, it was convenient to kill people and steal things!

“If anything happens, Huo Ling can bring you back.”

Ye Yu Xi casually said.

The fatty nodded.  Huo Ling had saved his life before, it might be useful bringing Huo Ling along!

“Huo Ling, I’m tell you, if we really do need to fly back, you need to slowly let me down.  You can’t just let go, do you remember!”

The fatty warned Huo Ling again.

Good fellow, the fatty had a deep memory of what happened when they escaped from the Ye Manor’s rite of passage last time.

Huo Ling had flown away with him and when they were twenty meters from the ground, he had said “let me down”.

Huo Ling’s child like mind used the simplest method of letting him down, directly letting go.  That fall for the fatty was quite painful!

Ji, ji, cha, cha!

Huo Ling heard the fatty’s words and called out in dissatisfaction.  He turned his head towards his master as if he didn’t have anything else to say.

Puleng, puleng.


Huo Ling directly changed into his evolved form.

Flapping his wings, he flew off the ground and grabbed the fatty’s clothes.

After that, Huo Ling’s two wings that were close to a meter long were filled with spiritual energy as they forcefully flapped down.


Huo Ling brought the fatty’s over two hundred pounds body and flew off!

He reached the sky in the blink of an eye and quickly flew towards the capital.

Ye Yu Xi watched as Huo Ling disappeared and let out a sigh, hoping that nothing would go wrong.

“You’re telling such an important trump card to that little fatty, are you not worried he won’t betray you in the future?  After all, you don’t know his background!”

A gentle voice sounded out and Ye Yu Xi felt a man’s breath falling onto her ears.

There was also a large pair of hands that went around his waist.


Ye Yu Xi was not polite as her leg went up.  Ye Yu Xi didn’t use her hands this time, she directly sent her toes flying at Bai Jin Yi’s head placed on her shoulder.

Only, it was easily blocked by Bai Jin Yi.

“I remembered someone took the initiative to hug me, I’m just returning the favour now.”

Bai Jin Yi had an evil charm on his face and his starry eyes were as deep as mountains.

Ye Yu Xi saw Bai Jin Yi’s rogue like appearance and gritted her teeth, but she couldn’t do anything!

Taking a few deep breaths, Ye Yu Xi calmed herself.

With a flash of light in her hands, a piece of silk appeared.

“This is for you!”

Ye Yu Xi flicked her hand and that silk flew at Bai Jin Yi’s face.

“Oh?  Heavenly Silkworm Silk?”

Bai Jin Yi looked at the thing in his hand and his expression slightly changed.

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