Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 428

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Chapter 428: Head out to give it a try

“This, we’ll talk about it later…..”

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand and moved her shoulder.  The cloth on her back was already ruined, it seemed like she couldn’t wear these clothes anymore……

“Huo Ling, come out with me later to give it a try.”  The range of activity here was too small. It was a good thing that it was night outside, Ye Yu Xi felt that there was a need to test how it felt flying outside.

Huo Ling nodded.

He followed Ye Yu Xi out of the chaotic space.

Long Xiao Pang saw the two of them heading out to give it a try and didn’t follow them.  He stood there thinking about something, as if he was trying to remember all the information on the Vermillion Bird in his mind.


Ye Yu Xi appeared in the room.  After Huo Ling appeared, Ye Yu Xi instantly felt like the room was crowded……

She sent her mental energy out and Ye Yu Xi looked over the surrounding area.  In the ten meter range around her, there were no movements and there were no mercenaries located nearby.

She didn’t walk out the door.  Opening the window, Ye Yu Xi floated out and softly landed on the roof with Huo Ling following her.

On top of the room, Huo Ling’s flame red feathers shined under the moonlight, looking exceptional.

Ye Yu Xi carefully looked around.  It was still alright, most people were in their room cultivating or rest, there was no one looking into the night.

“Huo Ling, let’s do it again.”

Ye Yu Xi talked to Huo Ling in her mind.

Huo Ling nodded and softly flapped his wings, landing on Ye Yu Xi’s back.

The warm feeling came again, but Ye Yu Xi was prepared in her heart this time.

After a minute, Huo Ling’s figure melted into Ye Yu Xi’s back and there was only a pair of flame red wings left.

This time, Ye Yu Xi had learned her lesson.  She didn’t inject too much spiritual energy into the wings, just using a tiny bit of spiritual energy to gently flap it.

After flapping a few times, Ye Yu Xi’s feet left the room and she began to slowly rise.

The wings on her back gradually used more strength while Ye Yu Xi kept carefully controlling the power inside her body.

As her body moved higher, Ye Yu Xi noticed a problem…..She was only moving higher and wasn’t flying forward like a bird.

Looking over her current situation, Ye Yu Xi understood.  The wings were only flapping downwards, so naturally she only moved up…..

She leaned forward and the wings on her back used a bit more force, causing Ye Yu Xi’s body to fly forward.

Gradually, Ye Yu Xi became more familiar with the movement of the wings.

The wings suddenly flapped and a gust of wind was thrown behind Ye Yu Xi.  Ye Yu Xi moved through the air and quickly became to move forward!

Flipping, rising, and divine, Ye Yu Xi tried all kinds of methods of movement.

“Master, have you played enough?  This treasure is hungry…..”

Huo Ling saw that Ye Yu Xi had already been experimenting for half an hour and she was relishing the taste of the experiment, so he protested to Ye Yu Xi in a dissatisfied voice.

“Eh…..Huo Ling, I’ll buy a pharmacy for you tomorrow!”  Ye Yu Xi was in a very good mood, so her treatment of Huo Ling increased a bit!

“Ah?  Really!  Master, keep going, this treasure isn’t tired at all!”  Huo Ling suddenly became excited.

“Un?  That is…..”

Ye Yu Xi who was testing out flying in the air suddenly saw a figure flying from the direction of the capital city!

They were still several hundred meters apart and Ye Yu Xi couldn’t see clearly what he looked like.

The wings on her back flapped and Ye Yu Xi flew towards the figure!

The two of them kept getting closer and Ye Yu Xi was trying her best to see what the other person looked like.  From the first moment she saw them, Ye Yu Xi felt that they were a bit familiar!

Bai Jin Yi!

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