Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 426

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Chapter 426: Integrate into one body (Part 1)

“Dragon master, what abilities does Huo Ling have now?”

Ye Yu Xi calmed Huo Ling and Long Xiao Pang down before returning to the topic.

“Un, looking at it presently, the little dumb bird’s wings should have accepted some spiritual energy, so his flying speed should be much faster compared to before.”

Long Xiao Pang looked over Huo Ling again.  Looking at Huo Ling’s current situation, there wasn’t any special Divine Beast inheritances on him.

“As for the others, you can only ask the little dumb bird.”

Ye Yu Xi heard Long Xiao Pang’s words and looked back at Huo Ling.

Huo Ling innocently blinked.  He understood his master’s meaning and waved his hand, closing his eyes for a while, “Master, I should be able to integrate into one body with master right now.”

“Un?  Integrate into one body?  What is that?”

Ye Yu Xi understood Huo Ling’s words, but as for what it specifically meant, she couldn’t understand at all!

“It’s…..It’s…..Un, this treasure can fly with master!”  Huo Ling thought about it and used a more simple explanation.

Long Xiao Pang heard Huo Ling’s words and his eyes lit up!  The eyes looking at Huo Ling were no longer the same as before!

He thought in his mind: If he could really integrate into one body, it seems like the little dumb bird was not as simple as he seemed!

Long Xiao Pang was certain that in his thousands of years of knowledge, there wasn’t a single Divine Beast that could integrate with a human!

“Come, let’s give it a try!”

Ye Yu Xi waved her hand at Huo Ling and decided to give it a try.  With Long Xiao Pang here, if there were any problems, it could at least be solved.


Huo Ling replied before flapping his arms and turning into a little bird.  He then exploded into red flames and turned into his evolved form.


Once Huo changed forms, even his voice underwent a large change.  Huo Ling would chirp whenever he turned into his little bird form before, but now it became like the cry of a bird.

Although Huo Ling’s voice changed, Ye Yu Xi could still understand him.

“Master, master, I’ll be lying on your back.”  Huo Ling’s voice became more mature compared to before.

Ye Yu Xi nodded.  She saw Huo Ling softly opening his wings and his large body that was close to two meters landed on Ye Yu Xi’s back.


Ye Yu Xi’s legs became a bit bent.  Huo Ling’s body was abnormally heavy!

Looking at Huo Ling’s body, Ye Yu Xi already made her calculations, but Huo Ling’s heaviness surpassed Ye Yu Xi’s expectations.

This weight was close to three hundred pounds!

“Master, I’m about to begin!”

There was a red flash of light in Huo Ling’s gem like eyes.  It was followed by red light that spread across his body and spread onto Ye Yu Xi’s back.

“Un?  This feeling…..”

Ye Yu Xi felt a warm feeling on her back, like spiritual energy burning her body.

Huo Ling was on her back, so Ye Yu Xi couldn’t see Huo Ling’s change, but Long Xiao Pang on the side clearly saw everything!


Long Xiao Pang saw Huo Ling’s close to half a meter body gradually integrating into Ye Yu Xi’s back.  He was so shocked he couldn’t say a thing!

Long Xiao Pang had lived for seven thousand years!  This was his first time seeing this!

That warm feeling lasted for a minute before it gradually disappeared.

“Master, it’s like this!”

Huo Ling’s voice didn’t sound beside Ye Yu Xi’s ears, rather it came directly from inside her mind!

“Little girl!  Quickly turn around and let me see!”

Long Xiao Pang quickly urged her, this was a new thing for him!  Long Xiao Pang looked at Ye Yu Xi’s back with a face filled with excitement!

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