Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Guest

Bai Jin Yi waved his hand and revealed a helpless expression, “I’m just too weak, so how could the experts of the Medicine King Valley do something for an outer sect disciple like me.”

Ye Yu Xi looked at Bai Jin Yi’s handsome face and softly said, “I don’t believe you!”

Bai Jin Yi wanted to say something else, but Ye Wen came in, “Young miss, there is a guest here.  It’s an old man.”

“Old man?”  Ye Yu Xi’s brows slightly knit.  Other than Housekeeper Qiu, she did not remember any old men, “Let him come in.”

“You can leave for now,”  Ye Yu Xi waved her hand to have Bai Jin Yi leave.

When Bai Jin Yi left, the old man Ye Wen mentioned came in.  He immediately said after coming in, “Young miss Ye, save me.”

“It’s you?”

When Ye Yu Xi saw this old man, she instantly remembered him.  This old man was the one she bought her dagger from in the main city sector that other day.  She had used an Origin Returning Pill to trade for the weapon.

“Young miss Ye, I ask young miss Ye to save my family’s madame.”  The old immediately kneeled down after coming in.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the old man on the ground.  The old man’s aura was no weaker than the Zhao Family Head’s, but even he couldn’t solve this problem.  Ye Yu Xi was a bit surprised, “Since you know my name, you should know about me. Why do you think I can save your family’s madame?”

The man’s face was filled with anxiety, “Young miss Ye gave me an Origin Returning Pill back in the main city sector and then pushed the Zhao Family’s young miss back with a single move, you aren’t a piece of trash like everyone else says.  My family’s madame said this was a precious pill and since the young miss can take out to exchange for a weapon, you must be very skilled and certainly have an expert behind you. I ask for the young miss’ recommendation to save my family’s madame.  After this matter, there will be great rewards.” After saying this, the old man took out a gold card.

“Qing’er, call Ye Wen and Ye Man over.”  Ye Yu Xi took the card and said to the old man, “My master has a high status and does not easily meet others.  I’ll go with you to take a look first.”

“Young miss Ye, the situation is urgent, shouldn’t you report this first….”  The old man saw that Ye Yu Xi was not planning to call her master, so he was a bit hesitant.  He had heard Ye Yu Xi’s waste reputation before! Even if Ye Yu Xi had the teachings of a high expert, he did not believe Ye Yu Xi could cure the madame’s illness.  After all, even the best doctors had seen the madame’s illness before and could not cure it. If they wanted to cure it, they had to ask an alchemist.

Ye Yu Xi raised a brow and said in a dissatisfied voice, “What, you don’t believe me?”

“No, no, please come with me young miss Ye.”  The old man quickly said.

“Young miss, you were looking for us?”

When Ye Yu Xi was about to leave, Ye Wen and Ye Man came outside.

“You two, go to the pharmacy and buy the things on this list.  Buy as much as you can, don’t worry about the money. Come back before it becomes dark.”  Ye Yu Xi gave the gold card the old man gave her to Ye Wen and gave them a prepared list.

Ye Yu Xi and Qing’er went with the old man to cure the illness while Ye Wen and Ye Man went to buy the materials.

When these people left, a black figure jumped over the back wall into the yard.

Bai Jin Yi stood in front of the window and was a bit stunned.  With a slight breeze that was almost undetectable, Bai Jin Yi’s voice sounded, “Shadow, how is the investigation going?”

“Reporting to the young master, according to the clues, the young miss was indeed sold to this place.”  The shadow stood behind the young master.

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