Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 33

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Chapter 33: Primary Martial Token

“That is the waste young miss of the Ye Manor?”

“I don’t know.  How did that waste become this strong?  Yang Wei’s guards were in the third spiritual level.”

While everyone was discussing this, Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er and the others away from the Spiritualist Guild.  She had already bought the yard that she wanted. It was worth mentioning that Ye Yu Xi had wanted to form a mercenary group named “Blood Enchantress”.  When she went to the desk, she was told she needed a total of five people to create a mercenary group.

Like this, Ye Yu Xi had no choice but to find another seed to train into an assassin.

Qing’er jumped over to Ye Yu Xi’s side, “Young miss, what do we do next?”

“Ye Wen, Ye Man, you two take the key to the yard and clean it.  Qing’er, you come with me.” Ye Yu Xi gave the key she just obtained to Ye Wen.

After picking the yard, she had spent most of the gold coins on her.  Having not bought the herbs she promised Huo Ling, Huo Ling complained in Ye Yu Xi’s mind several times.

She bought some spirit grass and refining materials from the pharmacy and found a place with no one around to put them in the chaotic space.

“Huo Ling, you can’t eat these herbs!”  Ye Yu Xi warned Huo Ling.

Huo Ling heard his master’s words and reluctantly spat out the herbs on his mouth.  He walked in front of the spirit grass with a sad expression as he began to swallow them down.

Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er to the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

“Stop!  It’s the auction time, you’re not allowed in!”  The guards at the door stopped Ye Yu Xi.

“Be quiet!”  Housekeeper Qiu was inside the auction hall and was paying attention to the door the entire time.  When he saw Ye Yu Xi come, he quickly stopped the guards. If Ye Yu Xi was stopped by the guards, everything would become more lively.

“Housekeeper Qiu.”  Ye Yu Xi nodded at Housekeeper Qiu and greeted him.

Housekeeper Qiu walked over and cupped his hands, “Young miss Ye, I’m late to greet you.  These subordinates do not understand etiquette, please forgive them.” Turning around to the two guards, he scolded, “Young miss Ye is a valued guest of our Primary Martial Auction Hall, she can come and go as she pleases in the future, do you remember this?”


Ye Yu Xi followed Housekeeper Qiu into the VIP room and directly said, “Housekeeper Qiu, I wonder, have the pills been sold yet?”

“It was sold in the morning for a total of thirty thousand gold coins.”  Housekeeper Qiu waved his hands and had the servants bring in a gold card.

The VIP room fell into a short silence.

Housekeeper Qiu poured the two of them some tea and tentatively said, “Young miss Ye, I wonder if your friends have any other pills they need to auction.  If you need to auction any other pills, our Primary Martial Auction Hall will not take any fees.”

“Many thanks.”  Ye Yu Xi took the gold card brought in by the guards and turned to leave.

Housekeeper Qiu stood up, “Please wait a minute.”

“Is something the matter?”

Housekeeper Qiu placed a jade token in front of Ye Yu Xi, “This is our Primary Martial Token.  In Ningyuan City, even the City Lord’s palace needs to give us respect, so you can take it out when you need it.

Deng, deng, deng.  A guard walked over.

“Housekeeper Qiu, this subordinate has something to report.”

The guard walked in with an anxious expression and he whispered into Housekeeper Qiu’s ears, “The Zhao Family was exterminated last night and even the Zhao Family Head was killed.  Every other person was killed with a single move and they did not resist at all.”

When Housekeeper Qiu heard this, his expressions changed.  He immediately wanted to report to the young master, but it was not appropriate to leave Ye Yu Xi’s group alone.

“Since Housekeeper Qiu has other matters, we won’t bother you anymore.  Goodbye.”

“Young miss Ye, please take care.”  With a simple send off, Housekeeper Qiu rushed to the second floor.

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