Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 24

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Chapter 24: Is this a place you can come to?

“Rise, you can come with me.”

Although she didn’t believe this girl’s reason, the determination in her eyes were not fake.

Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er, Ye Wen, and the final girl with her as she left the Floating Fragrance House.  Old Bao Zi did not dare do anything under the watch of Housekeeper Qiu and obediently allowed Ye Yu Xi’s group leave.

“Young miss, do we need to find an inn first to settle them down?”  Qing’er walked beside Ye Yu Xi.

Ye Yu Xi looked at the two people behind her and her eyes fell onto that girl, “We have already left the brothel and there is no one here, you’re not planning to run?”

The girl looked at Ye Yu Xi in shock, but Ye Yu Xi had broken her thoughts.  She did not turn and run as she fell to the ground kneeling, “I ask the young miss to save my child!”

Ye Yu Xi brought these people to look for an inn.

“What is your name and what happened to your child?”  Ye Yu Xi looked at the girl who was older than her by a few years.

The girl kneeled down again and before she spoke, tears flowed down, “I am called Cao Man and my son just turned three years old.  Because my husband’s business suffered a loss and owed the Zhao Manor quite a bit of money, they killed my husband and sold me to the brothel while taking away my son.  I later found out from the people in the brothel that the Zhao Manor had been secretly doing business selling people!”

Qing’er gritted her teeth on the side listening to this.  The Zhao Manor really weren’t anything good!


Ye Yu Xi’s palm slapped onto the table as her face turned ice cold.  There was a trace of killing intent flashing in her eyes, “Zhao Manor.”

“Rise up.  From this day forth, you are the same as Ye Wen, also surnamed Ye.”  Ye Yu Xi had Qing’er settle the two of them as she left the inn by herself.

After taking some gold coins from the bank Ye Yu Xi directly went into the main city sector.

The main city sector was set up the City Lord Palace and only those with cultivations above the third spiritual level could enter to buy and sell things.

“Stop!  This is not a place you can enter.”

When the two large men in front of the main city sector’s doors saw Ye Yu Xi, they called out to stop her.  Their tasks in standing here was very simple, they were to block people who didn’t seem too strong or people that seemed poor.

“Un?”  Ye Yu Xi looked up and stared at the men blocking her.

“So it’s you, is this a place you can enter?  Quickly go back.” Seeing Ye Yu Xi’s appearance, the two men were more determined not to let Ye Yu Xi in.  Ye Yu Xi’s situation was already well known by the people of Ningyuan City.

“Move aside.”  Ye Yu Xi coldly spat out these two words.

One man moved to the side and blocked the door before giving a cold laugh, “The people that can go in are all people with face, at least having a cultivation in the third spiritual layer.  What does a piece of trash in the first spiritual layer need to go in for? Stop implicating father, scram, scram, scram!”

The other man also spoke up to stop her, but his voice was much kinder, “Young miss Ye, this place is not suited to you.  There are important people here today, it is better if the young miss heads back.”

The man blocking the door pointed behind Ye Yu Xi, “Scram now or father will make a move.”

Ye Yu Xi’s eyes turned cold and she made her move as fast as lightning.

A hand grabbed the large man’s wrist and with a kacha sound, the large man’s arm was broken.  Kicking out, her foot landed in the large man’s stomach and sent that large man’s over two hundred pound body flying.

Ye Yu Xi smoothed out the wrinkles on her sleeve as she looked at the other man, “Can I go in now?”

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