Evil Emperor’s Poisonous Consort: Divine Doctor Young Miss Chapter 16

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Chapter 16: Really going to the brothel!

“This little one was wrong, this little one was blind.  Two young misses, please have mercy…..” Manager Zhao kneeled on the ground begging for mercy.

If it wasn’t for the same clothes, Manager Zhao’s miserable appearance would not even have been recognized by Ye Yu Xi’s group of two.

“Forget him, spare his life.”

Ye Yu Xi’s high and cold voice rang out.  Even if this Manager Zhao was a member of the Zhao Family and participated in the matter of her mother, she could not kill him with this situation.

Mo Tian Chou kicked Zhao Yong Wei in the stomach, “Why have you not thanked the two young misses for sparing your life.”

[TL Note: I know he had a different name two chapters ago, but I guess the author changed it…..]

“Thank you two young misses for sparing my little life, thank you young misses.”  Zhao Yong Wei kept bowing his head on the ground.

Zhao Yong Wei was slamming his head on the ground, but his fingers were tightly grasped and his blood red eyes were filled with malice!

Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er away from the Primary Martial Auction Hall.

In the Primary Martial Auction Hall VIP room.

Housekeeper Qiu asked Mo Tian Chou in a small voice, “Young master, do you want me to send someone to follow them?”

Mo Tian Chou considered it before shaking his head, “It’s better if we don’t.  Alchemists have a high pride and are eccentric, the consequences will not be good if we are caught.  The third prince has already arrived in Ningyuan City, I should report this matter immediately to the third prince!  The two princes came to Ningyuan City at the same time to try and win the support of the City Lord Palace. If we can also pull in this mysterious alchemist, the chances of the third prince will increase by a large amount!”

Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er away from the auction hall and found a place without people to take off their cloaks.

“Young miss, that person surnamed Zhao definitely isn’t a good person, are we really letting him go like this?”  Qing’er also heard what the third madame said before. She finally understood why the young miss’ mother suddenly died and why her father was missing.

“This grudge will be avenged!”  Her current strength was too weak, she had to quickly increase it.  Ye Yu Xi threw the cloak to the side and pulled Qing’er away from the alley.

“Young miss, where are we going?”  Qing’er saw the young miss rushing away.  It wasn’t night time yet, there was no rush for them to find a hotel yet.

Ye Yu Xi turned back to look at Qing’er.  This little girl’s memory needed to be trained some more.

Ye Yu Xi emotionlessly spat out, “Brothel!”

“Ah?  We’re really going to the brothels?”  Qing’er was instantly stunned. When she heard the young miss mention this in the thatch hut, she had thought that the young miss had only casually mentioned yet.  She never thought the young miss would be this anxious to actually go there.

Ye Yu Xi saw Qing’er’s expression and naturally knew what she was thinking.  She reached out to knock down on her head, “I’m going to the brothels to find someone!”

“Oh……”  Qing’er showed that she had made a mistake…..

Ye Yu Xi led Qing’er in the direction of the brothel district.

Ye Yu Xi had decided to pull people to her side.  Fighting against the seventh prince with just her strength alone was too weak.

In her previous world, Ye Yu Xi was a legend among assassins who was known as the “Blood Enchantress”.  After retiring from the assassin world for five years, the number one assassin was only the weakest apprentice under her!

In this world, Ye Yu Xi was already determined to recreate that glorious assassin organization!

She wanted the entire Purple Cloud Continent to feel fear when they heard the words “Blood Enchantress”!

These two took many turns before arriving at a street filled with brothels.

The place where all the brothels were located was amazing enough.  It was on a street named Willow Spark Alley.

Willow Spark Alley, an alley of willow fireworks, it really was a suitable name.

[TL Note: This is hard to explain in english because it’s an association that only works in chinese.]

Coming to the largest store named the “Floating Fragrance House”, Ye Yu Xi’s eyes filled with expectation.

She pulled Qing’er as she walked in.

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