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    Bewitching Prince Spoils His Wife: Genius Doctor Unscrupulous Consort
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Heey~ what’s up?

As you might have seen already when clicking on the page link, I’m ensj.

Some of you guys might already know me as the guy who translates King Shura. If you are… yeah, I’m taking up a new project. Again. Except this time, I’m not doing it at my blog! I’m doing it at moonbunnycafe..

If you don’t know me, however, I’ll do some introductions, yeah?

I’m a random Korean translator that came about into existence in the middle of 2015. Story goes that as a high schooler, I got too bored of studying for Finals, and decided to try translating instead. I liked it, so I kept doing it, and look at where I am now! 😀 Oh yeah, and about the name… I was too lazy to come up with a proper name like everyone else (to be fair, it was like 1am at the time) so I just slapped my keyboard, and got “ensj”. No special meaning behind it.

I can usually be found at r/NovelTranslations Discord server. Feel free to ping me if you see that I’m online and want to talk to me. If you want to contact me by email, shoot me something at [email protected]. I’ll usually respond within 24 hours.

Projects Hosted:
An Incomplete Life

Running Away From The Hero!

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