Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 822

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Chapter 822: I’d only feel regret not marrying you

Chen Ning smiled, “I’ll only feel regret if I don’t marry you.”

In everyone’s eyes, Mo Chuan was high above them as the emperor.  He enjoyed the respect of the world and the worship of his subjects, but she knew how hard and tiring it was for him as the emperor.

Marrying him, she might not share in his honour.  She could be faced with all kinds of criticism and an unknown storm, but she wasn’t afraid of any of this!

She already made her decision to follow him through fire and water.

No matter how many obstacles there were in the future, she would walk to the end.

“Alright, then I’m set on you.  You will be my only wife in this life and I will never betray you!”  He said in a firm voice with his words weighing a thousand pounds.

She just looked at him with a faint smile.

With the old man overlooking the ceremony, the two bowed to the heavens and earth before entering their wedding chambers.

Because it was quickly decorated, there was only a piece of red paper to the east and a red cloth to the west, looking quite disorganized.  Although it was messy, it still brought a lot of joy to the room.

Especially when they saw the red blanket placed over the wooden bed.  The two of them couldn’t help turning red as their heart began beating faster.

The old man and his wife brought a pair of red candles into the room and placed them on the table beside the bed, before bringing in a few dishes.

“It’s truly a joyous day for the two of you.  This bed was used by us when we were married, but it has already been washed clean, so we hope you two won’t mind.  There is some wine and some dishes, so rest early after you finish eating. Every moment of your wedding night is worth its weight in gold, so this old man and old woman won’t bother you two lovers!”

The two smiled as they spoke and then they walked out, closing the door behind them.

They had helped the couple come together, filling them with joy.  When they returned to their room, the two of them recalled when they first got married.

The red candle in the room burned weakly.  Mo Chuan and Chen Ning both wore red wedding clothes, sitting at a table facing each other.

The candlelight swayed, illuminating their red faces.

Mo Chuan’s heart kept beating fast, his palm was covered in sweat, and his back was completely straight, sitting like a pine that did not dare move.

Although he was as expressionless as ever, Chen Ning could see from the micro expressions on his face that he was as tense as a drawn bowstring.

He did not even dare look at Chen Ning.  Since the old couple left, he kept staring at the wooden table, like there were flowers growing on it.  It was also like the person sitting in front of him wasn’t his beloved woman, rather it was a man eating tiger.

Chen Ning had been looking at him the entire time, holding her chin with one hand.  She wanted to laugh the more she looked at him.

This Mo Chuan, how can he be this cute!

She endured her laughter and stood up to pour two cups of wine.  She placed one cup in front of Mo Chuan and said with a smile, “Mo Chuan, how about we cross cups?”

When she stood up, Mo Chaun’s eyes came up to look at her.

But when he heard the words “cross cups”, his red face became even more red.  His brows were trembling, almost not daring to look at her.

She…..How does she know about crossing cups!

Why wasn’t she shy at all like a newly married girl?

She actually poured wine for him like it was nothing!

“What, is there something on my face?  Why are you looking at me with such a strange expression?”  Chen Ning asked in a straightforward and natural manner. There was only a faint blush on her face.

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