Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 771

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Chapter 771: Wholeheartedly chasing

On the east field, almost everyone was watching the fight between Na Mu Cuo and Chu Shao Yang.  There was only Mo Chuan who was staring at her.

He looked at the red cloak being blown by the wind, he looked at the faint blush on her snow white face, and he looked at her crow feather like hair being blown over her face, suddenly wanting to help her put it behind her ears.  He also looked at her calm as water eyes looking at a flag dancing on a pole in the field. She did not pay attention to the fight and there was no sadness on her face, just a look of calm and indifference.

It was like she didn’t care who won and didn’t care who her destiny would belong to, she just seemed to be lost in her own thoughts.

Mo Chuan really wanted to ask, just what she was thinking right now.

But his identity stopped his footsteps, making him unable to move from the stands, silently looking down at her.

“Aiya, almost!  Third brother’s sword almost pierced Na Mu Cuo’s right arm.  It’s a pity he dodged, truly a pity!”

Chu Shao Bai suddenly exclaimed beside him.  He kept stomping his foot which made Mo Chuan lost in looking at Chen Ning come back to his senses.

Mo Chuan looked at the field where the situation was much clearer.  Because of the sword in his hand, Chu Shao Yang was at more and more of an advantage.  Na Mu Cuo could only dodge around and couldn’t make a move at all.

“Shao Bai, do you really wish for your third brother to win?”  Mo Chuan softly said.

“I……”  Chu Shao Bai gritted his teeth, not knowing how to respond.

His heart was filled with complications.  Seeing his third brother having the advantage, he couldn’t help being secretly happy because if his third brother won, she would remain in West Chu and he could see her from time to time.

But if she did stay, would third brother use chains to lock her up again like before?  Would he forever take away her happiness and freedom? That kind of her, would she still be happy?

If it’s like this, it might be better for Na Mu Cuo to win, letting her fly away.  Although she would be far away and they wouldn’t meet ever again, she would have the freedom to fly like a hawk on those vast plains…..

Freedom and being unfettered, isn’t this what she wholeheartedly pursued?  She would be happy if she had these two things, so why would he want her to remain at third brother’s side, allowing her to live a life of pain?

“I want Na Mu Cuo to win!”  Chu Shao Bai said word for word.

“Oh?”  Mo Chuan felt a bit strange as he looked over at him.

He could see a firm expression on the youth’s face and guessed his thoughts.  He couldn’t help giving a slight nod.

“Then what about the emperor?  Who do you want to win?” Chu Shao Bai suddenly turned his head, looking right at Mo Chuan, asking this straightforward and bold question.

“……”  Mo Chuan avoided his aggressive eyes and turned his head.

This was a question that he could not answer at all.

No matter who won or lost, she would not be his!

“Emperor, please forgive Shao Bai for being bold, but you have truly disappointed me with your actions today.”  Chu Shao Bai spoke again, but this time he used his martial arts to send a secret message. His lips only opened slightly and the voice could only be heard by Mo Chuan and himself.

Mo Chuan’s back turned stiff.  He did not look around and he did not say a word.

Chu Shao Bai watched his indifferent face as his chest filled with rage, making him unable to resist speaking out.

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