Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 752

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Chapter 752: Clearing up everything

Everyone looked over at Chu Shao Yang.  Their eyes were filled with confusion, anger, condemning, and despise.

Empress Dowager Zhou’s eyes also sunk a bit as she asked in a soft voice, “Tied to the bed.  Shao Yang, did you lock Ning’er up? What mistake did she make for you to treat her like this?”

The vein on Mo Chuan’s head couldn’t help jumping up.  Although he had already heard everything from Chen Ning, personally hearing it from Chu Shao Bai, he could not control his anger from flaring up at all.

Chu Shao Yang lifted his chin and calmly said, “Royal grandmother, your grandson did not imprison Ning’er, it was for her good.  She fainted after the competition that day and your grandson carried her back, seeing that she had suffered heavy injuries. There were two deep knife marks on her wrist and it had been clear she had lost a lot of blood before, so your grandson called a doctor to diagnose her.  The doctor said that her mind was strained and her body was weak, so she had to stay in bed to recover. Ning’er would not follow the doctor’s orders and wanted to enter the palace for the banquet, so your grandson was helpless and could only using iron chains to tie her up, making her no choice but to rest.  When your grandson entered the palace and obtained East Qin Crown Prince’s present of the thousand year snow ginseng, your grandson rushed back his palace to have someone prepare ginseng soup for Ning’er. Her chains were not unlocked yet, but at this time, there was a fire in your grandson’s palace. When your grandson rushed to fight the fire, less than half a cup of tea’s worth of time passed.  When your grandson returned, Ning’er was already gone and there were only broken chains. Royal grandmother, your grandson has told the truth, I ask for royal grandmother’s judgement!”

His words were clear and fluent, just like roaming clouds or a flowing stream.  It was clear that he had prepared this before coming here.

Not only was he saying this for Empress Dowager Zhou, he was saying this for the other ministers.  Otherwise, everyone would want him to hand her over, but how could he do that?

When Empress Dowager Zhou and the other ministers heard this, they half believed him, but they couldn’t find what was wrong about it.

“So it’s like this.  Then did someone really enter your palace and kidnap Ning’er?”  Empress Dowager Zhou looked at Mo Chuan’s face from the corner of her eye.  Her son’s face did not change and his heart was calm.

It was no wonder Chu Shao Yang was complaining to her.  Even if this matter was not the emperor sending someone, the emperor certainly knew where Ning’er was now, otherwise how could he be this calm!

Chu Shao Yang forcefully nodded, “Yes, royal grandmother.  Your grandson does not dare lie to an elder and there is the matter of the East Qin competition coming up.  Not being able to find Ning’er, your grandson is as worried as everyone else. Your grandson is worried about Ning’er’s safety and worried about our West Chu’s safety, but the emperor will not believe your grandson’s words.  Even if your grandson is confused, I would not do anything to harm my country!”

Empress Dowager thought over it a bit before saying to Mo Chuan, “Emperor, Shao Yang’s words are not false, immediately send people out to find the princess.  If the princess does not appear by noon, the East Qin might joke that our West Chu is unreliable!”

Mo Chuan replied, “Yes.”

He took a slight glance at Chu Shao Yang.  Although he was angry at all the despicable things he did to Chen Ning, but with his clever words, he had washed himself clean.  He really was an intelligent person.

“Xiao Si, send down an order.  All the royal guards will be sent to find the princess, they have to find her before noon!”  He ordered.

Hearing this, Empress Dowager Zhou and Chu Shao Yang’s noses almost went crooked with anger.

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