Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 745

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Chapter 745: He wanted to take it all back

Chu Shao Yang was filled with anger and he did want to make a move.  When Xiao Si suddenly shouted out, he came back to his sense.

“This minister does not dare.  This minister will leave first.”  He moved back a step and slowly left the royal study.

He turned around and looked at the two closed doors with eyes filled with hate.

He was a minister and the other side was a ruler, how could a small arm like his resist the emperor’s thick thighs?

But that royal throne clearly was supposed to be his!

The person sitting there giving orders should also be him!

But everything was taken away by that person.

He stole the emperor’s throne that belonged to him and now he had taken his princess!  How could he accept this, how could he accept it!

The anger in Chu Shao Yang’s heart had already reached its peak.  As long a bit of kindling was added, it would immediately erupt…..

“Chu Mo Chuan, one day, I will take back everything you have stolen from me!  I will make you kneel beneath my feet and let you taste all the shame I have suffered!  Chu, Mo, Chuan!”

He thought word for word in his heart.  Each step he took left a footprint in the ground.

Over the next three days, all of Chu Shao Yang’s people searched through the entire capital, but they couldn’t find Chen Ning.

It was like she had evaporated and did not leave behind a single trace.

Chu Shao Yang sent people to watch Chu Shao Yang’s King Jing An palace day and night.  He still believed it was done by Chu Shao Bai, so no matter where Chu Shao Bai went, he was always followed by Chu Shao Yang’s secret guards.

Chu Shao Bai’s whereabouts over the next three days were very normal, there was nothing strange about it at all.

He went to morning court every morning and then went to visit Empress Dowager Zhou in the Peaceful Life Palace after morning court.  After having lunch with Empress Dowager Zhou, he returned to his palace and did not leave again.

After Chu Shao Yang kept receiving the same report, his heart became more and more worried.

He knew that Chen Ning could not last under the drug for more than three days.  If she didn’t receive the antidote in three days, she would surely die!

If she was still alive, then another man must have taken her first.

But who had given her the antidote?

When he thought of her charming appearance, fiery and trembling body, and those seemingly closed eyes under the effect of the drug…..His intestines went green with regret!

If he knew it would be like this, he wouldn’t have given her the drug no matter what.  It was like he had slammed a stone into his own foot and had sent her into another man’s embrace.

When he thought of this, he was about to go wild from jealousy!

But even if it was like this, he hoped that she was still alive.  It was all good as long as she was alive. Even if she gave her first time to another man, he could accept it because it was better than losing her.

Feeling this suffering in his heart, Chu Shao Yang led his subordinates to search for an entire three days.  He could not sleep at all and his eyes were filled with red lines. Whoever saw him was unable to relate this dirty and tired man with the handsome King Ding Yuan.

Chen Ning spent a calm three days in doctor Zhang’s palace.

That thousand year old snow ginseng truly was a great supplement, having the effect of returning someone back to life.  She had lost a lot of blood and spent a lot of energy, causing her face to be pale and her mind to be tired, but after eating the snow ginseng soup, her face was looking rosy again and her mind was completely awake.

Mo Chuan did not come see her, but he sent Zhui Feng who didn’t move a single step away from her.  This made it very hard for her to implement her plan.

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