Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 744

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Chapter 744: The ruler’s words are to be taken seriously

He forcefully pointed at Chu Shao Yang and threw the snow white satin robe at Chu Shao Bai’s face.

Chu Shao Bai slightly moved to the side.  He turned his hand to grab the robe and looked it over.

“Third brother, your little brother just said that this is my robe, but your little brother threw it away last night after it was soiled and didn’t know where it went.  Not to mention that your little brother was with the emperor all last night. If third brother does not believe me, you can ask the emperor.”

His expression was very open, but Chu Shao Yang did not believe him at all.  He forcefully gritted his teeth.

Ask the emperor?  Of course the emperor would speak up for him!

“Shao Yang, stop being unreasonable.  Shao Bai was indeed in the palace last night.  He had drank too much and this one sent people to brew sobering soup for him.  Xiao Si, did such a thing happen?” Mo Chuan slowly said.

“Reporting to the emperor, the sobering soup was personally made by this servant.  This servant is willing to testify for King Jing An.” Xiao Si bowed and replied.

Listening to the words of these three, who all spoke very fluently, Chu Shao Yang almost broke his teeth from gritting them.

He was only half doubtful at first, but now he was certain this matter was committed  by the three of them. If someone were to say Ning’er wasn’t hidden by them, he wouldn’t believe them even if he was beaten to death!

But the ministers were all on the emperor and Chu Shao Bai’s side, looking at him with condemning gazes.

“King Ding Yuan, even if you don’t believe King Jing An, do you not even believe the emperor?”

“The ruler’s words must be taken seriously.  The emperor said that he was with King Jing An, so why do you say that King Jing An kidnapped the princess?”

“Everyone is working hard to deal with the East Qin tribute, but King Ding Yuan is only thinking of a woman.  Ai, if the previous emperor knew this, it’s unknown how disappointed he would be.”

When Chu Shao Yang heard the minister’s blaming him, his face turned red and blue as his chest began to heave.

He wanted to roar: You are all being tricked!  You don’t know shit!

But he was in front of the emperor, so he couldn’t be rash because he could not give the emperor anything to use to deal with him with.

Mo Chuan raised his hand and ministers stopped talking, as the royal study fell into a silence.

He raised his deep and dark eyes and looked right at Chu Shao Yang.

“King Ding Yuan, the rise and fall of the nation concerns everyone.  You are a minister of this country and a part of the royal family. She is your princess and also a part of my royal clan, so she should do her part for the citizens.  This one has already agreed to the East Qin Crown Prince and in three days from now, this one will send your princess to compete with him again. So, whether your princess is shackled or ill, this one is giving you three days.  In three days, this one wants to see her on the eastern field! Otherwise, don’t blame this one for being heartless. Even if you are the previous emperor’s son, this one will not show mercy!”

His voice was cold and sharp.  Hearing his reprimand made Chu Shao Yang speechless.

In terms of eloquence, Chu Shao Yang was not Mo Chuan’s match at all.  Not to mention that he was filled with nervousness and anger, being filled with words he shouldn’t say.

Three days!

He did not know where Chen Ning was, how could she bring her out in three days?

This was clearly a trap set by the emperor and Chu Shao Bai!

Chu Shao Yang almost spat out blood from his hate.  He tightly gritted his fists and his bones began to crack.  His eyes were blood red as he glared at Mo Chuan.

Xiao Si stepped in front of the royal study desk and shouted, “King Ding Yuan, you dare show disrespect to the emperor!”

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