Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 728

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Chapter 728: Even in death, not begging him

Zhui Feng suddenly understood when he heard this and he couldn’t help asking, “Doctor Zhang, what rejuvenating medicine did you give the emperor?  Why did the emperor bleed from all seven orifices?”

Doctor Zhang’s face turned red as he glared at Zhui Feng, “Stinky brat, if you dare mention this matter again, don’t come to this old doctor in the future!”

Zhui Feng secretly laughed inside, but did not keep asking.

After a while, doctor Zhang pulled out the silver needles and pulled Zhui Feng out the door.

“Let the emperor rest his body.  He has used too much internal energy and it can’t be recovered in a short period of time.  We shouldn’t disturb the emperor.”

Zhui Feng nodded.  He was someone who practiced martial arts, so of course he knew how important internal energy was for martial arts experts.  It was something condensed bit by bit after countless days of hard work.

But to save the princess, the emperor did not hesitate to use all that internal energy!

The emperor’s heart did not ache, but his heart ached for the emperor.

“Doctor Zhang, your medical skills are very high, do you know any medicine that can restore internal energy?”

Doctor Zhang waved his hand, “Although this old man does not understand martial arts, I still know that internal energy cannot be restored with medicine.  If there really was such a medicine, the entire world would be filled with experts in internal energy! Other than thousand year old lingzhi, fuling, and other herbs.  That’s right, didn’t the East Qin Crown Prince give the Ding Yuan King a thousand year old snow ginseng? If he took the snow ginseng, the emperor would obtain great benefits!”

“Thousand year old snow ginseng?”  Zhui Feng’s eyes lit up, but they immediately dimmed again.

He said with a sigh, “The thousand year old snow ginseng is in King Ding Yuan’s hands, perhaps he already fed it to the princess.  Even if he didn’t, I don’t have the skills to steal it. Other than that, is there any other ways?”

Doctor Zhang shook his head and said, “This old man is helpless, there really is no other way.”

Zhui Feng could not help feeling dejected.  Suddenly, a delicate and hoarse voice sounded behind him.

“Zhui Feng!”

Zhui Feng’s body trembled before he turned around.  He saw a pretty figure wrapped in a blanket that only revealed a head.  That snow white face was like a flower blooming in the night and her long, dark hair draped over her shoulders.  She was leaning against the door and staring right at him.

“Princes…..Princess Consort.”  He stammered as he looked at the other side.

The drug in Chen Ning’s body had been removed and she fell into a deep sleep.  She heard people mentioning the word “emperor” in her ear from time to time and she secretly thought: Could the emperor be Mo Chuan?  Did Mo Chuan come and save her?

Her heart filled with excitement as she awakened from her sleep.

She found that she was in an unfamiliar place when she woke up and she looked around.  She heard voices coming from outside the door, one old and one young, both that seemed familiar.

She thought about it and recognized them.  They were doctor Zhang and Zhui Feng.

Strange, why was it them?

Chen Ning thought that the person she would see first was Mo Chuan, but he was not there.  She knit her brows and tried to remember the scene from before she lost her consciousness…..

After drinking the ginseng soup, there was a strange feeling that spread through her body like she was being burned by flames.  Chu Shao Yang’s confident face was revealing an evil smile to her. With slightly curled lips, he said to her.

“Beg me.  As long as you beg me, I will give you the greatest joy in this world!”

Then her consciousness fell into a mess.  She only remembered that she had one thought in her mind which was never begging him, even if it meant death!

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