Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 727

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Chapter 727: Weak body

In the yard, Zhui Feng raised a thumb up for doctor Zhang as he praised, “Doctor Zhang, your predictions are divine.  The emperor has taken your medicine, there won’t be any problems, right?”

“You brat, what nonsense are you saying?  Are you looking down on this old doctor’s medical skills?”  Doctor Zhang stroked his beard and revealed a proud expression, “This old doctor has added twenty four different herbs in the medicine.  I believe that after the emperor drinks the medicine, he will quickly have the vitality of a tiger…..”

As soon as his voice fell, they heard a “dong” sound from the room Mo Chuan was in which sounded like something heavy falling.

Zhui Feng immediately rushed over and looking through a crack in the door, his face filled with shock.  He forcefully opened the door and charged in, lifting Mo Chuan who had fallen to the floor from the bed.

“Emperor!  Emperor!” He loudly shouted.

Mo Chuan was already unconscious.  His face looked even more pale compared to before and his seven orifices were all bleeding.  That thick blood and the scent of blood almost made Zhui Feng’s soul fly away in fear.

He loudly shouted out, “Doctor Zhang!  Doctor Zhang!”

When doctor Zhang saw this, his legs instantly went soft.  He fell down to the floor and couldn’t rise for a while. His body was trembling as he stuttered, “This, this, this….Why is it like this?”

Zhui Feng placed the unconscious Mo Chuan on the bed and charged over to doctor Zhang.  He lifted him over to the bed like a little chicken, moving in an angry manner.

“Quickly treat the emperor!  Didn’t you say that after the emperor took your medicine, he would have the vitality of a tiger?  Look at the emperor, he…..He spat out blood and fainted…..” Zhui Feng’s voice became more stiff.

Doctor Zhang had lost all his courage, but he quickly took a deep breath before moving his finger to take Mo Chuan’s pulse.  Closing his eyes as he took the pulse, he soon revealed a confused look before revealing a look of comprehension.

“Damn!  Nonsense!  Admirable!”  He said these three words which sounded like nonsense to Zhui Feng.  

“Doctor Zhang, what are you saying!  Why aren’t you treating the emperor yet!”

“Alright, alright, alright.  Ai, this old man is really getting confused with age, I never thought the emperor…..He actually thought of this kind of method…..Ai, ai, ai, admirable, truly admirable!”

Doctor Zhang revealed a look of admiration as he walked out shaking his head.  After a while, he came in holding a satin covered box. Opening it, he revealed a row of silver needles.

“Zhui Feng, go and keep watch.  This old man will perform acupuncture on the emperor, we can’t be disturbed at all.”

Zhui Feng nodded.  He knew that doctor Zhang was famous for his acupuncture and he was unparalleled in the doctor’s yard in acupuncture skills.

Although doctor Zhang was old, his needle speed did not lose to a young person’s.  In half an incense worth of time, he had already inserted one hundred and eight silver needles into Mo Chuan’s acupuncture points.

In just a while, Mo Chuan’s face slowly became much more rosy and his breathing became deeper.

Zhui Feng kept watching and he was simply filled with respect for doctor Zhang’s medical skills.

“Doctor Zhang, your medical skills are divine!”

Doctor Zhang felt awkward as he shook his head, “You’re wrong, you’re wrong.  It was because this old doctor’s skills were too shallow and never thought that the emperor would come up with another way to cure the Princess Consort’s drug, so this old man gave him the wrong medicine and weakened the emperor’s body.  It was a great disaster, but it was a good thing this old man fixed it in time and applied acupuncture for the emperor, solving everything. Ai, the emperor truly loves the Princess Consort, actually being willing to sacrifice his cultivated martial arts to cure her poison.  He was that unwilling to take advantage of her, he truly fills this old man with admiration and respect!”

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