Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 725

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Chapter 725: Giving the emperor

Compared to her, what was a bit of internal energy?

Loss of internal energy could be recovered, but if he lost her…..Where would he find another girl who he could never forget!

Mo Chuan did not hesitate at all.  Out of fear that she would struggle, he poked her acupuncture point once again and slowly leaned her back onto the bed.  His right hand was on an acupuncture point on her chest while his left hand was pressed against her dantian. Internal strength began to slowly enter her body from both palms.

Her body was as hot as fire and his thick and warm internal energy was like adding oil onto the fire.  She felt like she was baking inside a stove, was placed on a volcano, and placed into a fry pan. It was so uncomfortable that she was about to cry.  Although her acupuncture point had been poked, she still couldn’t help muttering in pain.

“Doctor Zhang, is the Princess Consort’s poison very strong?  You said that the emperor is helping her cure it, but…..But why is she crying out with such strange noises?”

Zhui Feng heard it in the distance and couldn’t help stop moving his hands, looking in wonder at doctor Zhang.

Doctor Zhang’s old face turned stiff, but then pretended nothing was happening as he said, “Continue doing your work.  Don’t ask anything you shouldn’t ask and don’t listen to what you shouldn’t listen to.”

Zhui Feng made an “oh” sound and continued adding firewood into the stove.  Seeing the raging fire, he then asked, “Doctor Zhang, are you boiling medicine for the Princess Consort?”

Doctor Zhang looked into bottles of medicine and his eyelids did not raise as he said, “Add two more pieces of firewood, the fire isn’t strong enough.  This is for the princess and the emperor.”

“For the emperor?”  Zhui Feng was even more confused, “The emperor’s body iss fine and he has strong internal strength.  I’ve followed the emperor for all these years and I have never seen the emperor become sick.”

“Emperor did not need it before, but he will need it after he finishes curing the princess’ poison.”

Doctor Zhang pricked his ears.  Although his ears were old, he still heard some things that he shouldn’t hear.

“Warm…..So warm…..”

“I don’t want it, I don’t want it……”

“Ning’er, just hold on for a bit.  Just a bit……”

Zhui Feng’s hands holding the firewood couldn’t help trembling as his ears turned red.  It was as if he had suddenly understood something and also couldn’t understand.

Doctor Zhang muttered to himself, “The drug is fierce, but it’s still not over yet.  No, I have to add some more things and help the emperor revitalize himself.” After saying this, he opened the bottles of medicine and added in a few more herbs.

In the room, Chen Ning’s entire body was covered in sweat and her clothes were soaked, but sweat kept pouring out layer after layer.  She couldn’t help screaming in pain and if it wasn’t for Mo Chuan poking her acupuncture point, she wouldn’t have been able to hold on.

With each scream, Mo Chuan’s heart filled with even more pain, but he still calmed himself and did his best.

The drug infused sweat slowly poured out of her and after another while, her breathing gradually calmed down, while the burning flames within her subsided.  There was a trickle of something that flowed through her body and her limbs, giving her indescribable comfort.

Her brows relaxed and her face became calm.  Her lips slowly curled as she entered a sweet dream.

There was no Chu Shao Yang in her dream, the person she saw was…..Mo Chuan!

Mo Chuan kept watching her without looking away.  When he saw that the drug was already forced out of her, he finally let out a long sigh of relief.

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