Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 721

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Chapter 721: Suddenly feeling refreshed

“Speak clearly, what do you mean by this?  What my youth and strength is the best antidote for her?  I don’t understand.”

Chu Shao Bai was more and more confused and he couldn’t help knitting his brows.

Although he was very intelligent, he was still very pure and had never experienced the matters between men and women before.  He loved a girl, but he simply wanted to be with her. Being able to kiss and hug her was already the greatest happiness he could want in his young heart.  So, when he heard doctor Zhang’s words, he was filled with confusion.

His straightforward words made doctor Zhang’s old face turn red.

The old doctor did not even know where to look as he said in his heart: I’ve already said all of this, why does this King Jing An not understand?

“Doctor Zhang, why can I cure it and you can’t?  Tell me, what is going on right now?”

Chu Shao Bai kept asking.

Doctor Zhang couldn’t help rolling his eyes as he try to make an excuse, “The Princess Consort has ingested a very strong drug, as long as a married couple perform their duties, the drug will be naturally cured.  However, this drug is very potent and if it isn’t cured within three days, she will suffer a potent attack and her body will explode. Whether the Princess Consort is detoxified, your highness can make your decision.”

He immediately picked up his medical bag and prepared to leave.  When a young man and woman were doing their thing, although he was old, it was not good for him to watch and listen from the side, so it was better for him to leave.

Chu Shao Bai grabbed his medical bag and his brows knit even tighter.

“Husband and wife duties?  Your meaning is to have me and her get married?  Then her drug will be cured?”

“……”  The old doctor almost spat out a mouthful of blood.  He stared at Chu Shao Bai and looked into his eyes without any evil, instantly understanding.

He thought that this young man still did not know about this, but how could he feel not embarrassed enough to teach him?

He thought about it and walked back into the room.  He picked up a crumpled yellow booklet and placed it in Chu Shao Bai’s hands, looking at him with eyes filled with a deep meaning.

“You don’t need to be married, you just need to perform the wedding nuptials.  As for what it means to perform wedding nuptials, you can just read the booklet.”

After he said this, he immediately picked up his medical bag and left, afraid that Chu Shao Bai would keep asking him more questions.

“Wedding nuptials?  But she and I haven’t married yet, how can we perform wedding nuptials?  I want to marry her and have a wedding with her, but the person she wants to marry is not me.  This old doctor, why are your words so strange and backwards.”

Chu Shao Bai was muttering while opening the booklet in his hand.  He had already decided to follow the booklet and give it a try first.

He opened the page and looked down, suddenly causing his hand to tremble.  His eyes opened wide as his handsome face turned completely red.

What, what, what was this!

This, this, this was a picture of…..This was……

Even his ears turned red and his breathing became fast along with his heartbeat, almost jumping out of his chest.  He wanted to look away, but it was like the pictures on the little booklet had a magical power that firmly attracted his attention, making it impossible for him to look away.

Instantly feeling refreshed!

In that moment, he understood what doctor Zhang meant by wedding nuptials.

When a man and a woman became husband and wife, they just did not kiss and hug each other, they actually…..They actually did something like this!

A strange feeling made his blood surge as his heart was instantly filled with grass and thousands of horses running through mud.

[TL Note: It’s a play on words here with cao ni ma which is fuck you and cao meaning grass, ni means mud, and ma means horses.]

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