Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 718

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Chapter 718: Cutting slice by slice

Chu Shao Yang was filled with rage as anger filled his mind and his eyes turned red.

“Chu Shao Bai, it was you, it was definitely you!  This king knows that this was definitely done by you!  Only you would have this kind of snow satin, there isn’t a second person in this capital!  Chu Shao Bai, you’re good, you’re truly good!”

His rage had reached its peak.  His handsome face became distorted and fierce as his body began to tremble.

Suddenly, his anger instantly turned into fear, a fear that deeply penetrated the bottom of his heart.

She had been affected by the drug!

With the increasing effect of the drug, when he left her, she was already in a daze that she even thought that he was Mo Chuan.  Now that she had fallen into Chu Shao Bai’s hands, what would the two of them do?

He almost did not dare think of it!

She was that charming and she was only wearing her inner clothes under the blanket.  If that smooth as jade body fell into Chu Shao Bai’s eyes, would that hot blooded youth be able to hold on?

This was equivalent to personally giving her to Chu Shao Bai!

Chu Shao Yang almost spat out blood.

“Someone call all the guards over to this king.  We’re going to the King Jing An palace and immediately taking back this king’s princess!”  He loudly ordered.

But thinking about it, if Chu Shao Bai didn’t take her back to the palace and brought her to a place where no one was to finish the good deed, what should he do?

“Chu Shao Bai, if you dare lay a single finger on this king’s woman, this king will cut you slice by slice!”  His eyes turned blood red as if they were about to bleed.

Chu Shao Bai left the palace with Chen Ning and while rushing through the darkness, he did not know where he should go.

Return to his own palace?


He knew that the fact that he had taken her couldn’t be hidden for long.  He had left his snow white stain robe, which was equivalent to telling Chu Shao Bai that this was done by him, so the first place Chu Shao Yang would look for him would be his King Jing An palace.

Send her to the Eldest Princess palace?

Also no!

When he couldn’t find her in his palace, Chu Shao Yang would definitely rush to the Eldest Princess’ palace.  The guards inside the Eldest Princess palace could not stop Chu Shao Yang at all.

How about…..Sending her into the palace?  Sending her to the emperor?

Also wrong!

The palace was filled with Empress Dowager Zhou’s ears.  If Empress Dowager Zhou learned that he had personally sent her to the emperor, she would never forgive him.

Although Empress Dowager Zhou was not his blood grandmother, she was very close to him.  In Chu Shao Bai’s heart, Empress Dowager Zhou was already his closest relative and he didn’t want to hurt her.

Thinking about it, Chu Shao Bai finally thought of the place he should go because she wasn’t feeling right at this moment.

It wasn’t just a bit off, it was very off.

In the stone room, he had taken a quick glance and did not dare look more closely.  When he saw that she wasn’t injured, he immediately picked her up to leave.

But looking at her on the road, although she was covered in a blanket, he could still feel the heat coming from her.  She reached her orchid like hands from within his grasp and tightly held his neck. He thought that she was afraid, but he found that she was filled with a shocking heat.  Moreover, her hot cheeks had been pressed against his face, making him want to dodge, not bearing to dodge, and unable to dodge.

“Ning’er, what’s wrong?  Are you very hot? You…..Don’t do this.”

He stopped in a small alley without anyone around.  He moved her arms around his neck and dodged her lips that were moving towards his face, causing his heart to almost jump out of his chest.

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