Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 717

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Chapter 717: Going with her

But he could not stop, he could never stop.  He wanted to see her if she was alive and if she was dead…..he still wanted to see the body!

He was filled with regret in this moment, why had he given her that drug?  Why did he have to force her? Didn’t he promise that he would treat her properly?  Why was it that every time, regardless of her willingness, he kept doing these things that she could never accept!

She could swim and if she had not lost her reasoning because of the drug, she would not have drowned to death!

He had harmed her!  It was him, it was him, it was him!

There was a strong voice shouting inside him that was like a knife being plunged into his heart, making him wish he could die.

Chu Shao Yang looked at the cold lake water in a daze and slowly walked over.  The water slowly passed his feet, passed his knees, passed his waist, and finally passed his neck.

He walked into the lake step by step……

If she died, being harmed to death by him, then what meaning was there for him to keep living?

It was better if he went with her.  Perhaps she hadn’t gone far on the yellow springs road and he could still catch her.  Perhaps she was by herself and with him accompanying her, she wouldn’t be as afraid? Perhaps when she saw him accompanying her, she wouldn’t blame him anymore?

There was a faint hope and joy deep in his heart.  She didn’t pick him in this life, but in the next life, he would find her before everyone else.  When he found her, he would not let her go, never giving anyone a chance to take her heart away from him!

The water reached his nose and ears, and began to enter his lungs.  It was very uncomfortable, but he had a smile on his face the entire time.

“Ning’er, I’m coming.  I’m coming to be with you, wake slowly and wait for me.”

He silently said this in his heart.  Opening his arms, he entered the embrace of the deep lake waters.

“Your highness!  Don’t!”

“Your highness, your highness!  Quickly save his highness!”

The guards did not understand what his highness was doing at first, but seeing him enter the lake, everyone realized that his highness was trying to drown himself!

Everyone was filled with fear and quickly charged forward.  They pulled his legs and lifted him up as they brought Chu Shao Yang back to shore once again.

Chu Shao Yang was lying on his back on the shore as the sun pierced through the clouds to shine on the ground, as well as shining on him.  However, he did not feel any warmth and just felt a bone chilling cold.

He closed his eyes and two streams of tears fell from the corner of his eyes, dripping into his soaked hair.

He tightly gripped the hem of those clothes.  This was the last thing she had left for him, he…..

Suddenly, his eyes opened and he felt something was wrong.  He carefully looked at this robe and found that this was a snow white colour satin robe.  The fibre was very dense like it was weaved from bamboo.

But he remembered clearly that she had been wearing light blue silk clothes and wasn’t wearing these white satin clothes!

Could it be…..the person that fell into the lake wasn’t her?

Could it be…..he had been tricked?

“Found it!  Your highness, this subordinate has found it!”

A guard’s head came out of the lake and he was holding a white thing in his chest, struggling to carry it onto the shore.

Chu Shao Yang jumped out and flew over like an arrow.  He looked over and his anger exploded in his chest.

What that guard was holding was only a rock covered in a white robe, it was not Chen Ning at all!

“Bastard!  Damn! Actually daring to trick this king!  Damn intruder, this king will cut him into ten thousand pieces!”

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