Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 703

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Chapter 703: Snow ginseng soup

The secret guards on the side was already stunned seeing this.  He had followed his highness for many years and always saw his highness’ cold hearted side.  This was their first time seeing his highness so patient and considerate to feed a girl soup.

This kind of caring things could actually be done by the decisive and cold hearted highness!

“You can all leave.  Without this king’s orders, no one is allowed to come in.”  Chu Shao Yang waved his hand and all the guards left, slowly closing the heavy stone door.

Chen Ning’s heart sunk as she coldly said, “Why aren’t you leaving?”

“Why would this king leave?”  He was smiling as he began taking off his clothes.

He took his his jade belt and threw it onto the floor.  Then he took off his purple outer robe and walked over to the bed as he looked down at her.

She tightly closed her eyes to not look at him, but she felt a warm body suddenly appearing beside her.  He actually came onto the bed and laid down beside her. He pulled the quilt over her and covered himself before using the same pillow as her.

“After waiting so long, this king can finally be in the same bed as you.”  He whispered in her ear, as his hot breath came over her face.

Her body became very stiff as she did not move at all.

But he didn’t touch her.  He just supported himself with his arms as he looked at her with a smile and said, “Ning’er, you don’t need to be afraid.  I promised you before, unless you beg me, I won’t touch you at all.”

She did not say a word, but her long lashes slightly moved.

“Alright, it’s late.  Let’s go to sleep!” Chu Shao Yang flicked his finger, sending out a slight breeze.  The candle in front of the bed went out as the room instantly filled with darkness.

Her heart came up again and she was so nervous that she couldn’t breathe.

Chu Shao Yang really kept his word.  Although he was lying on the same bed, this bed was very big and he was lying on the edge of the bed.  He did not even touch the hem of her clothes.

Not long passed before his breathing became uniform.  He laid beside her without moving like he was asleep.

Chen Ning did not know if he was really sleeping or faking it.  He did not lose control which went against her expectations, but she understood Chu Shao Yang.  He was like an explosive violent beast, he would not let her off that easily.

The darkness was very quiet, so quiet that she could hear her own heartbeat.  She suddenly realized that her hands were still free. It was unknown if he was negligent or if he forgot, but he actually did not lock her hands back up.

But what so what if it’s like this?  Her feet were still chained to the bed and she could not escape at all.

She just laid in the darkness for a while before a sudden strange feeling filled her body.  It was like she was on fire and her body was slowly burning.

It was hot.  She began to sweat and her throat was dry, but the fire inside her became hotter and hotter.

She could not help throwing off the blanket over her as she began to pant, but the fire kept burning and it was so hot she couldn’t calm down.

What was going on?

Oh, that’s right, the ginseng soup!  Could this be the great restorative effect of the snow ginseng?

She felt her blood flow through her entire body as the heat spread all over her.  She felt like an ant in a hot pot, being burned alive.

“Water, I want to drink water!”

Her body became hotter and hotter, and her throat became more and more dry.  She desperately needed something cool to fight the fires inside of her.

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