Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 699

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Chapter 699: The truth

When salt water was poured on the wound, there was a heartrending pain.

Although Chen Ning hated Miss Chen, with her real self being bullied by Miss Chen and Chen Bi Yun in the Hu Guo Manor, still seeing Chu Shao Yang torturing someone without even his face changing, her heart was filled with pain.

He was a very cold person by nature and against people her hated, even if he cut the person slice by slice, his expression wouldn’t change.

His love and hate were equally strong.

Chen Ning knew that he was killing someone as a warning.  It was clear that he was torturing Miss Chen as a warning to her to bow down to him.

“I’ll talk….I’ll talk.  I’ll tell you everything…..”  Miss Chen was awakened by the pain.  She looked at Chu Shao Yang like he was a devil from hell as her heart filled with fear.

“Speak!”  Chu Shao Yang still did not look at her.

“Yes, yes!  The second miss loved your highness, but your highness was engaged to the young miss.  The second miss would not give up, so she came to this servant and this servant gave the second miss an idea.  I sent someone to secretly tell your highness that the one who saved your highness eight years ago was not the young miss, but rather the second miss.  Then your highness fell for the plan and drank the wine that had medicine in it…..Actually it was the second miss that ordered this servant and she said your highness had turned into a dog.  This servant did not understand what she meant, but you two drank the wine and dizzily went onto the bed, but I don’t know what happened next. This servant suddenly heard the sound of window opening like it was blown open by the wind.  This servant quickly rushed over and found the second miss on the bed, but I did not see your highness. After that…..the second miss found that she was pregnant……”

Chu Shao Yang heard this and then turned around.  His eyes became sharp as he angrily said, “Slut, say it clearly for this king!  This king did not touch that slut Chen Bi Yun that night, whose evil seed is in her stomach!”

“Your highness, this servant…..This servant really doesn’t know…..”  Miss Chen burst into tears.

“Cut another finger!”

Miss Chen suddenly trembled before shouting, “I’ll talk, I’ll talk.  I’ll say everything!”


“That…..That night, when this servant went to close the window and found your highness was not present, the second miss was still lying on the bed.  She had drank the medicine filled wine and the medicine began working, so she was filled with pain. The second miss had told this servant that the medicine could only be cured by a man and woman being together, but your highness did not complete the matter with the second miss.  The second miss, she…..This servant was very worried seeing her like that. If the second miss did not cure herself and this matter was known by everyone, the second miss’ reputation would be ruined. This servant had no other choice and found a guard to help the second miss to relieve the medicine.  After that, this servant had the guard secretly taken care of. Other than this servant, there is no one else who knows about this matter. When the second miss awoke the next day, naturally she would think the person who spent the night with her was your highness. When she found she was pregnant later, she always thought it was your highness’ child…..”

Miss Chen’s voice became lower and lower because she naturally knew how heavy her crime was.  If this matter was known by anyone, the first person who wouldn’t spare her would be Chen Bi Yun.

So when she heard what happened in the palace, she immediately left and hid herself.

But Chu Shao Yang’s secret guard were very powerful.  They searched house to house and finally found her.

“He, he, he, he, he!  So the truth is like this!”

Chu Shao Yang raised his head and gave a cold laugh.

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