Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 696

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Chapter 696: Not exchanging even for the emperor’s throne

“Open your eyes and take a look, I’m sure you’ll be very happy when you see this.”

She heard the sound of cloth being torn.  She thought it was her clothes, but she then found that her blanket was still covering her.

She opened her eyes and in the candlelight, Chu Shao Yang’s face was enlarged in front of her.  His face was as handsome as usual, but her eyes instantly fell onto his neck.

His neck was slender, but there were many purple marks on it which were popping out and swollen.  It could be imagine how much force had been used. If this kind of force was used on a normal person who didn’t know martial arts, they would have died of suffocation already.

“Look at this, are you happy?  This is the mark left on my by that person, he wanted to kill me.”  Chu Shao Yang used his finger to rub the marks on his neck, speaking in a careless voice.

Chen Ning bit her lips and finally said, “Why?”

“Of course it was for you!”  He looked up at her and suddenly smiled, “He said he could give up everything, he just wanted you!  He said he would give the emperor’s throne to me as long as I gave you to him. Ze, ze, aren’t you very moved after hearing this?  Even I was about to be moved. How do you think I answered him?”

Although he never said a single word who he was, him and Chen Ning both knew.

He spoke while watching her expression with a teasing smile on his face.

She tightened her lips and did not say a word as she just coldly stared at him.

“I told him that I didn’t love my land and only loved beauties.  I love you so much that I would not exchange even for the emperor’s throne.  After he heard this, his face looked incredibly ugly. Ha, ha, interesting, it was truly interesting.  However, he would not give up and he actually said your name in front of me, asking for news about you.  So, I told him that every time he said Ning’er, I would…..Hei, hei, can you guess what I will do?”

The smile on his face froze as he said word for word, “I would take a finger from you and give it to him!  I also told him that if you dared think of another man while being by my side, I would dig your heart out and feed it to the dogs!”

Her body suddenly trembled as a bloody finger flashed in her mind.  She knew that every word he said was true and not just to scare her, he would really do it!

“After that man heard this, he went crazy and grabbed my neck.  He used a lot of strength and he said he wanted to kill me! Then your other admirer appeared.  Ze, ze, ze, Ning’er, this king truly does not know how to summoned them all, why do they all like you?  There is even that East Qin Crown Prince, he actually wanted you to compete with him again. When he heard you were sick, he even took out a thousand year old snow ginseng for you.  This kind of good thing can’t be bought with just ten-twenty thousand gold, but he gave it away without even blinking an eye. He even said that he didn’t have any strange thoughts about you, but would even a fool believe him?  This king’s not a fool and my eyes are not blind!”

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes curled as he gave a low laugh.

Although he was laughing, his eyes became colder and colder.  Although she was covered by a blanket, she still felt the chill affect her.

Her eyes were dark as she looked right into his gaze, not containing any fear at all.

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