Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 691

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Chapter 691: Hypocritical kindness

“Emperor, don’t!”

Chu Shao Bai jumped out from the shadows and grabbed Mo Chuan’s hand.

He had been following behind the two of them and had clearly heard what they said.  He was feeling very conflicted in his heart, one was his third brother and the other was his uncle, they were both his flesh and blood.

But they were going against each other.

He never showed himself because he didn’t know what was good and which side he should stand on.

According to family ties, he should help his third brother, but when he heard the cold words his third brother said, his heart turned to ice.  He never thought his third brother would be this ruthless, even saying this kind of cruel words. Then if Ning’er stayed by his third brother’s side, wouldn’t she be tortured?

He felt his heart turning warm and cold, going up and down, causing him to suffer.  He wanted to walk away, but when he heard the effects of Chu Shao Yang inciting Mo Chuan, he saw that if he didn’t interfere, Mo Chuan who had lost his reason would have killed Chu Shao Yang.

Mo Chuan was filled with rage, but suddenly seeing Chu Shao Bai appear, he was stunned.

“Emperor, please let go of third brother.  Even if third brother has said the wrong things and offended the emperor, he does not deserve death.”


Mo Chuan’s rationality slowly returned and he found that his hand was raised to Chu Shao Yang’s throat.  Chu Shao Yang’s face was completely purple, but he was still looking at him with a cold smile.

“Chu Shao Yang, this one will promise you that I will not say a single word to her and will not meet her again.  This one hopes that you can…..properly cherish her and take care of her.”

Mo Chuan said this word for word before turning around.  His yellow robe fluttered and with a straight back, he quickly disappeared around the corner.

“Third brother, your injury…..it isn’t too bad, right?  Little brother has some medicine here, do you want to apply some?”

Although Chu Shao Bai hated Chu Shao Yang for his ruthlessness, he was still his third brother.  Seeing that there was a deep purple mark on his throat, he couldn’t help feeling worried.

“Scram!  I don’t need your fake hypocritical kindness!”  Chu Shao Yang pushed him away and coldly stared at him, “Chu Shao Bai, you’re not anything good either.  What kind of feeling do you have for her? You’re the same as the emperor, all feathers of the same bird!”

He whipped his sleeve before walking away with large steps without looking back at all.

Chu Shao Bai stood there in a daze, watching Chu Shao Yang leave.  He suddenly had a strong hunch, his third brother had left this angrily, he would surely vent his anger on her.

What to do?  What should he do?

Save her, he had to save her!

His heart began to beat fast in anxiousness.  Before the palace feast was even over, he used his qinggong to jump over the palace walls.  He did not even ride his horse as he directly jumped onto the rooftops heading in the direction of the King Ding Yuan palace.

He wanted to take her away from the palace before Chu Shao Yang could return.  Even if his third brother hated him, he did not care at all.

In the celebration hall, the scent of the wine became stronger as the atmosphere became livelier.

Mo Chuan and Chu Shao Yang had both returned to their seats, but neither of them looked at each other like they were strangers.

No one noticed the two of them had left just now and no one knew about what happened in the back yard.

Chu Shao Yang found some white silk to cover his neck and hide the mark.  After returning to his spot, he continued smiling and chatting with the others, like nothing had happened just now.

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