Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 690

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Chapter 690: Exchanging with the emperor’s throne

Chu Shao Yang’s wrist began to creak from being squeezed by Mo Chuan, but he stared right at Mo Chuan.  His eyes were cold and his voice was malignant.

“That way the emperor can use the emperor’s power to take away his minister’s wife, right?  Just like how the emperor stole the emperor’s throne that should have belonged to me in the past!  Very good, this minister is right here, the emperor can kill me if you want. After killing this minister, she will be yours!  If this minister dies, the emperor can comfortably sit on your throne!”

These words had been suppressed by him for ten years and were finally said by him.  His heart felt an uninhibited feeling.

Even if he was beheaded for saying this, he did not care.

Perhaps he had also drank too much and the wine allowed him to dare say what was hidden deep in his heart.

“Chu Shao Yang!”  The rage in Mo Chuan’s chest burned again, quickly burning his brain.  His head began to buzz as the wine did its work, allowing him to say what he wanted without any hesitation.

“If you want the throne, I’ll give it to you!  If you want to be the emperor, then take it! I don’t want anything, I just want her!”

Hearing this, Chu Shao Yang was stunned.  Following that, he began to laugh in a low voice.

“Emperor, she is more important than the throne in your heart?  You’re willing to exchange the throne for her? This minister is truly flattered, but this minister is the same as the emperor.  I don’t love my country……I only love her!” He began to cry while laughing, wiping his tears as his laughter sounded out.

The emperor’s throne?  It wasn’t that he didn’t want it, but he knew with Empress Dowager Zhou present, there would never be a day where he, Chu Shao Yang would be on the throne.

“If you really love her, then you will treat her properly and will never bully her!”  Mo Chuan hissed out. When he saw Chu Shao Yang not caring about her at all, he felt his heart was about to split apart.

He treated this girl like a treasure, not even daring to touch her, but she actually fell into Chu Shao Yang’s hands.  He saw that he didn’t not care about her and did not treasure her. Since it was like this, what reason did he have to keep her for himself?

“This minister will say the same thing.  She is this minister’s wife and if she is dedicated to me, properly caring for me, I won’t spare anything in pampering her.  But if she dares sleep beside me yet think of another man, I can’t say the same. This minister is a man and this minister will not allow her to be unfaithful!”

Mo Chuan forcefully gritted his teeth.  His chest was violently heaving as he shouted in a low voice, “Chu Shao Yang!”

Chu Shao Yang’s face was smiling, but his eyes were filled with coldness and violence.  He said with a smile, “If any man dares to have idea about her and calls her by her name, for one time, this minister will break a finger and for two times, this minister will break two fingers!  If that man keeps calling her, this minister would not mind breaking all ten of her slender, jadelike fingers. Even if she has no more fingers, she still has a beautiful face. This minister will keep loving her, but if her heart dares to change, this minister will dig out her heart and feed it to the dogs!”

“You dare!”  The rage in Mo Chuan’s chest finally exploded.  He raised his right and grabbed onto Chu Shao Yang’s neck.  He couldn’t breathe from being held, with his handsome face first turning red before turning purple.

But Chu Shao Yang’s smile did not fade at all as his eyes filled with hate kept staring at Mo Chuan.

“This one will kill you now!”  Mo Chuan’s eyes turned blood red.  His reasoning had already been burned away by the wine and his rage.  In his state of anger, he could only think about killing.

Chu Shao Yang’s neck began to creak, but his eyes were wide open and did not turn at all.  His eyes seemed to be filled with scorn as if saying, “Kill. Kill me and she is yours.”

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