Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 688

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Chapter 688: This emperor position, you can have it

Chu Shao Yang’s purple robe was flying as he walked in with a handsome face.  He moved in front of the imperial throne and bowed to Mo Chuan.

“Greetings emperor.”

His brows jumped up with a slight provocation as he revealed a faint smile.  That appearance could not be considered respectful.

But Mo Chuan was not angry.

“Shao Yang, why is it just you?  Didn’t this one’s decree ask for you to come with your princess?”  He softly said.

“Oh?  The emperor is asking about this minister’s princess?”  Chu Shao Yang shrugged his shoulder and said in an understatement, “She is sick, so she couldn’t come to the banquet, letting down the emperor’s good intentions.  I ask the emperor for forgiveness.”

“Sick, how is she sick?”  Mo Chuan stared right at him as he spoke.

He did not believe this.  If she was really sick, then how could he still be smiling like this?

“The eastern field’s wind was too big and it blew over her while she was riding her horse, so she can’t get up from her headache.  Is the emperor satisfied with this answer?” Chu Shao Yang raised his brows in a provoking manner as he spoke.

Mo Chuan tightly gritted his back teeth as he coldly stared at Chu Shao Yang.

He did not believe a single word!

Chu Shao Yang said in an uncaring manner, “If the emperor does not have any other orders, this minister will head to his seat.”  After saying this, he turned to leave. He walked over to his seat and began to chat with the ministers around him with a bright smile on his face.

Mo Chuan’s fist in his sleeve tightly formed a fist.  He really wanted to punch Chu Shao Yang’s smile off his face.

Of course he understood why Chu Shao Yang was smiling so proudly and brightly because he had the qualification to do so!

But, why didn’t she come?

Was it because she didn’t want to come?  Or was it because Chu Shao Yang wouldn’t let her come?

When Mo Chuan thought of the determined words she said on the field and her indifferent expression, his heart began to fill with waves of pain.

Did she not want to see him?

But did she know how much he hoped to catch a single glance of her?  Just a single glance was enough!

Even if he could not have her, he would not hope that she would return to his side.  He just wanted to see her happy and safe, even if that happiness was given to her by Chu Shao Yang, he would be satisfied.

In the hall filled with guests, laughter, singing, and happiness was spread all around.

Everyone in the hall had expressions of happiness and smiles on their faces, but only he was drinking the bitter wine with an expressionless face.

His brows that looked like the far mountain line never opened and he started to slightly sway like an orchid flower.  He felt that he was drunk, but he couldn’t stop the wine in his cup from entering him.

“Emperor!  You can’t drink anymore!”  A clear and pleasant voice sounded in his ears.

Mo Chuan slightly looked up.  There was a beautiful young man with a white as frost robe that came forward to stop the wine cup in his hand.

“Shao Bai, come and drink with this one.  Today is a good day for a celebration feast, don’t you think so?”  He had a drunk expression as his head felt tipsy.

“Emperor, you are the ruler of a country, you can’t act like this!”  Chu Shao Bai turned and ordered, “Come and bring the sobering soup over!”

“He, he, a country’s ruler?  This one is a country’s ruler, but do you know how useless this one is as an emperor!  How tiring it is! This one does not want to emperor’s throne and does not wish to remain the emperor.  Shao Bai, how about you become the emperor?”

Mo Chuan suddenly looked up and spoke to Chu Shao Bai with a smile on his face, feeling pleasantly drunk.

He had a great capacity for wine and adding in his strong willpower, even if he drank two full jugs of wine, he wouldn’t be drunk like this.

But drinking in sadness was especially intoxicating.  His heart was filled with depression and the wine unknowingly entered his mind, make him blurt out these words he had suppressed in the bottom of his heart.

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