Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 683

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Chapter 683: Large secret

The dim yellow candle light shined onto her body and the candle flame swayed.  Her skin revealed a shine like that of jade.

She laid there motionlessly, treating herself as dead already.

Chu Shao Yang’s love for her would always be animalistic possession.  He was not Mo Chuan, Mo Chuan respected and pampered her, she was glad she didn’t love the wrong person.

Mo Chuan!  Mo Chuan!

She closed her eyes while her mind silently thought of Mo Chuan.  She had used all her strength to not think of him, but at this time, her mind was filled with his figure.  She thought of the first time hugging him, first time kissing him, the first time digging herself in his chest…..

He was always worried about her feelings and always pampered her in his hands.  Every movement he made was gentle and when kissing him, she could feel that he was filled with love for her.

She was clearly willing, but he endured that uncomfortableness and pain, insisting on not crossing that step.  He had said that he would leave the most beautiful moment for their wedding chamber.

Wedding chamber!

She would never have that beautiful day with him!

Her long lashes slowly began to dampen.

She could hear Chu Shao Yang’s faster breathing and heartbeat, she could feel his warm aura against her skin.  Her skin began to tremble.

It was not fear, rather it was disgust.

“Ning’er, you are very beautiful and your body is very beautiful.  It is like a flower in bloom waiting for someone to pluck it. I hope very much that I am your first man, but if I were to take you in this kind of situation, would I still be a man?”

She suddenly heard Chu Shao Yang’s voice.  His voice was unexpectedly calm making her unable to not open her eyes.

Under the light of the candle, his eyes cast a deep glance over her face.  It was deep and dark and she actually couldn’t see what kind of emotions were in his eyes.

He pulled the quilt over and covered her.  He placed his hands on both sides of her and looked down from over her.

“I want to have you, but not right now, not when you are trapped to a bed by me.  I used chains to trap you because I care about you too much and I’m afraid to lose.  You don’t know how afraid I am.”

He raised a hand and slowly stroked her face.  His eyes cast a fascinated glance over her face, being filled with deep love and heartache.

“Ning’er, you don’t need to fear me, it should be fearing you.  Do you know, you have all my happiness and joy in your hand. I’m truly afraid of losing you, they all….want to take you from my side.  However you are mine and not a single one of them can take you away! As for you? You clearly love me, so why are you so set on leaving me?  You like that man, right? You like him because he is the emperor, right? But don’t you know, the emperor position was originally mine, mine!”

Chu Shao Yang was suddenly filled with excitement as that small tremble became stronger.  His eyes began to fill with blood and his anger exploded like a wild beast.

Chen Ning’s lips moved.

No, she liked Mo Chuan not because he was the emperor, but because the love he had for her was unconditional!

She bit her lips and said nothing because she knew that in this moment, as long as she said a single good word about Mo Chuan, she would completely anger this man in front of her.

“He, he, you never would have imagined it, right?  This is a large secret, a large secret hidden in my heart for many years.”  Chu Shao Yang suddenly gave a cold laugh.

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