Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 654

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Chapter 654: Early bird gets the worm

“Don’t waste any more time.”  She moved her head and dodged his kiss.

He was stunned as he looked at her beautiful face.  His chest filled with affection as he revealed a smile.

That’s right, he shouldn’t force her.  They had a lot of time together, why did he need to rush?

“Then promise me, once the competition is over, you’ll come with me back to the palace, alright?”

She did not look up and only gave a soft un sound.

But this sound alone was enough to make him elated.

He raised his head up and broke out in laughter.  His heart was filled with happiness, he had never been this happy before.

She however felt her heart being ripped in half.  She tightly bit her lips to the point where a sweet taste filled her mouth.  She had no way of stopping the pain she felt in her heart.

“Let’s go!”

He reached out to pick her up and jumped over the back wall.

There was a loud horse neigh that came from the stable as a date red horse rushed over like it was on fire.

That large horse head suddenly buried itself in Chen Ning’s chest, moving near her face and affectionately rubbing against her.  It stretched out its wet tongue and licked her face again and again.

Her face was already unknowingly covered in tears, but it was all licked clean by the date red horse’s tongue.

The date red horse could sense her pain, so it licked her face and then her hand.

Chen Ning reached out her hands and tightly hugged the date red horse’s neck.  Seeing the human and horse hugging, Chu Shao Yang was very jealous watching this.

He was suddenly filled with strong jealousy towards that horse.

Damn beast, I haven’t even kissed her yet and a beast like you went first.  Moreover, you’re still not done yet!

Also, she was so loving towards the horse, hugging him so tightly.  She hadn’t even hugged him like this yet…..

“Ning’er, if you keep hugging it so passionately, don’t blame me if you’re late!”

The more he watched, the angrier he was, finally unable to take it any longer.  He went forward to pull away the date red horse and then put her on the horse’s back.  He then sat down on the horse while holding her in his embrace.

That date red horse was clearly not willing to let him ride, so it let out a cry of protest.

“Go!”  Chu Shao Yang’s feet kicked against the horse’s stomach.  The horse felt the pain and knew it had encountered a rough person.  It could only move its hooves and begin galloping forward.

Her hair was being blown in the wind and it tickled against his face, sending a sweet taste into his nose which reached the bottom of his heart.

He controlled it with one hand while holding her waist with the other, making her back tightly pressed against his chest.  He could not see her expression, but he could feel her waist straighten, trying to leave his embrace.

“Ning’er, don’t leave me.  Let me hug you.” He used his chin to rub the top of her head as he spoke with a gentle voice.

“Chu Shao Yang, can you make the horse run a bit faster?”  She kept staring at the road in front as her heart had already flown out.

“I want it to run as fast as possible, it would be best if it would never stop.  I’ll be able to hold you like this. You don’t know how long I’ve thought about this moment and finally I’ve gotten what I want.”

His lips were gently pressed against her hair and his voice vaguely came down from above her head.

She said nothing and her face displayed no expressions.

No matter how moving his flirting was, it would not move her heart.

Because she had never liked him.

But she suddenly felt her heart beating faster and a strange feeling began to spread across her heart.

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