Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 632

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Chapter 632: Difficult to deal with man

She was cursing herself, looking like she was filled with regret.

“You….You woman!”

Na Mu Cuo stared at her and forcefully grinded his teeth.  The gratitude and warmth he felt for her completely disappeared.

Just now he wanted to wholeheartedly marry her and be gentle to her, but now he just wanted to strangle her!

It took him a lot of effort to resist reaching out his hand to grab her slender and beautiful neck, but his face was already red with rage.  His chest was rising and falling as he kept panting.

No, he couldn’t spoil her like this anymore.

Otherwise he would be angered to the point of vomiting blood by her!

He lifted his leg and kicked over the table in front of her bed.  The bowls, jars, soup, and water all spilled to the ground, soiling the beautiful, thick carpet.

“Someone!”  He roared out with a voice that shook the roof tiles.

Immediately a servant ran in with a look of fear, kneeling down on the ground.

“This girl…..”  He pointed at Chen Ning being filled with rage, but when his eyes fell onto her face, he found that she had closed her eyes and she wasn’t even looking at him.

Although she had eaten the blood restoring tonics, he face was still white and transparent just like porcelain.  It was soft and thin, making his heart turn soft.

The servants all had their eyes wide open while waiting for his orders.

“Take away all the chefs that made the dishes for this girl and give each person twenty lashes!  What kind of terrible dishes did they make, it was too disgusting!”

After he finished shouting, he left with big steps and did not look back.

When the sounds of his footsteps disappeared, Chen Ning opened her eyes.  She was staring at the embroidery above the bed and a ghost of a smile appeared on her lips.

But this smile quickly disappeared from her face.

She gave a faint sigh and closed her eyes again.

Na Mu Cuo really was a truly intelligent person, he was a match for her in terms of speaking.  She had to use 120% of her mind to be able to gain an advantage compared to him, while also having to look out for the traps he set for her.

This was a man that was hard to deal with!

Fortunately her goal for approaching him had been accomplished.  She had learned his method of memorization and now she just needed to practice.  She wanted to leave this place, but under the shadow of Na Mu Cuo, it was hard for her to stop and thing.


An explosion came from outside the window that scared her.

Through the paper window, she saw a dazzling red light fly into the sky, causing her heart to skip a beat.

Was there someone setting off fireworks?

She sat up on the bed and draped a cloak over herself.  She walked in front of the window and pushed it open, causing her eyes to instantly light up.

There were fireworks blooming in the sky with sparks falling down.

Fire flowers kept flying into the sky, blooming and withering.

“The most beautiful thing is also the easiest to disappear.  When you see it, it is already disappearing in front of your eyes.  Although fireworks are beautiful, they are too sad. So I never watch fireworks when I am alone, these fireworks are all for you.”

A magnetic voice sounded like rushing water, as beautiful and pleasant sounding as one reading a poem.

She turned her head and saw Na Mu Cuo.

She was stunned, not even knowing when he appeared beside her.

He was not watching her this time, rather he was watching the fireworks in the sky.  He was no longer angry and had a calm expression on his face, with a faint sadness in his eyes.

Perhaps these beautiful fireworks made him think of his lost beloved girl.

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