Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 616

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Chapter 616: Human skin lantern

“It was like my acupuncture point had been poked and I was frozen. I heard a man’s low voice coming from within and he gasped as he said, ‘Ya Li Xian, your body is even more enchanting than your face.  I really want to die in your embrace, never getting up again.’ I immediately recognized that voice, he was my guard and best brother, Ku Bu! Him, me, and Ya Li Xian grew up together and he always knew that Ya Li Xian was my most loved woman, but right now he was sleeping in Ya Li Xian’s bed!”

He said this and while thinking of the past, his face twisted.  His face filled with a grim expression.

Chen Ning said in a low voice, “Her name is Ya Li Xian?  Un, truly a beautiful name.”

When she heard him speak of skinning people, she was filled with disgust towards him, but when she heard of him speak of the past, she learned that he wasn’t a naturally ruthless person.  It should be because of this deep wound that changed his character this much.

Na Mu Cuo did not look at her, just looking out the window at an unknown place.

“That’s right, she was named Ya Li Yan.  Her name is beautiful and she herself was even more beautiful, but what about her body?  She was indeed an incredible beauty, with skin as white and silky as milk, making people unwilling to let go after feeling it.  So I tried my best to keep her and in the end, I skinned her! It was a complete skinning that was perfect. Over all these years, I have kept it nicely.  Little beauty, do you want to see it?”

He suddenly turned around and revealed a strange smile to her.

A creepy feeling came over her.

“That’s her.”  Na Mu Cuo pointed to a lantern beside her and spoke in a soft voice.

That lantern was thin as a cicada’s wing and there was a peerless beauty on it.  She was wearing a little embroidered cap with two black braids hanging down. She had a bright smile and beautiful eyes, looking bright and beautiful as a picture.

Chen Ning couldn’t help stroking the beautiful person’s face on the lantern and sincerely said, “She is very beautiful.”

She found that she did not know what this lantern was made of.  It was light and thin, but was not paper or leather. It was very soft to the touch, just like the skin of a young girl.

“This…..This is her skin?”

She suddenly realized this and quickly took back her hands.  She stared at the lantern as her throat turned dry and her fingers trembled.

“You actually turned her skin into a lantern!  You….You…..How can you even do something like this!”

Even with how firm she was, her expression couldn’t help changing at this time and she couldn’t help breaking out in goosebumps.

Na Mu Cuo’s black eyes looked at her and his lips slightly curled up, revealing his white teeth to her.

His smile was bright and wild.

“Little beauty, you’re finally scared?  You don’t need to be afraid, as long as you obediently listen to me, I will be very, very good to you.  However, if you aren’t obedient, I will skin you and turn you into a lantern!”

Chen Ning tightly bit her lips and her face turned white as snow.

She was not afraid of death, but thinking of being skinned and turned into a lantern, she felt a wave of nausea.  All the things she had just ate were churning in her stomach and were almost thrown up.

“What happened after?  What did you do after Ya Li Xian’s affair?” She took a deep breath and asked.

Na Mu Cuo walked in front of the desk and sat down on the cushion.  He blew out at the lantern and the lantern slowly turned. The beauty drawn on also began to move like she was still alive.

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