Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 612

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Chapter 612: Teach me

“If my guess isn’t wrong, I believe that your highness has already seen the contents of this imperial edict.  Since you’ve seen it, why are you still asking me? Do you want me to translate it for you word for word?” Chen Ning blinked at him with eyes filled with innocence.

Na Mu Cuo stared right at her, choking with anger.

This girl’s courage was not like her natural hair, how could it be this big!  Her identity had been exposed by him, so why was she this calm.

“Chen Ning!  Do you think that this prince does not dare kill you?”  He angrily roared out. His right hand moved down and grabbed her beautiful neck.

“Your highness does dare kill me, but you can’t kill me!”

Chen Ning raised her head high up without a single trace of fear on her face.  Her eyes shined brighter than water.

“What do you mean?”  Na Mu Cuo was stunned.

“Does your highness know who your opponent three days from now in ‘reading steles on horseback’ is?”

“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”  She casually said.

“What?  It’s you!”  Na Mu Cuo was shocked as if he did not dare believe his ears.

His eyes were opened wide as he stared at Chen Ning without blinking and repeated, “You said that your West Chu emperor is sending you to compete with this prince in ‘reading steles on horseback’?”

“That’s right, it’s me.”  Chen Ning nodded.

“Impossible!”  He shook his head and rejected it immediately, “Although the men of your West Chu are all soft boiled eggs, they wouldn’t me cowardly enough that they wouldn’t dare come out and send a girl like you to compete with this prince.  Wouldn’t this mean that they aren’t putting this prince in their eyes at all?”

“He, he, your highness, you should believe that our West Chu emperor wouldn’t use the citizen’s grains and money just to look down on your highness!  Since the emperor is sending me out to compete, he will surely believe that I can beat your highness.”

“You want to win against this prince?  In your dreams!” He looked at her like he was looking at a strange monster, “You are indeed the smartest girl this prince has ever seen, but no matter how smart you are, you can’t compare to this prince.  Even if you practice for twenty years, you shouldn’t think of beating this prince!” He said in an arrogant voice.

But Chen Ning knew that how arrogant and confident he was, his words were not wrong.  Right now, she indeed could not beat him.

“I know that I can not win, so I wish to ask your highness to teach me.  I want to learn how to instantly memorize the words on the steles while riding.”  She said in a soft voice that was clear and powerful.

Na Mu Cuo couldn’t help shaking his head and digging out his ears.

“You want this prince to teach you?”  He seemed like he wanted to break out in laughter.

This little girl really was too interesting.  The words she said would make the entire world’s people unable to stop laughing.

They were competitors, but she wanted him to teach her the secret techniques?  This was as ridiculous as it could get.

“Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!”  He couldn’t keep it in any longer and broke out in laughter.  After finishing, he looked down and moved to stroke her face. With a smile, he said, “If you’re willing to become this king’s woman and satisfy this prince, this prince can consider your proposal.”

She shifted her head and dodged his palm.  Her eyes turned cold and she softly said, “It seems like I overestimated you.”

“What do you mean?”  His brows jumped up in displeasure.

“I thought your highness was an open minded and heroic person, but I never thought you would be this petty and only care about outcomes.  If I knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have said what I just said. Now I take it back, I don’t need you to teach me anymore. Your highness not teaching me the secret techniques means that you are afraid of losing to me three days from now and losing your title as the smartest person in the world!”

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