Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 586

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Chapter 586: Deciding on him

“Young master, I really can’t move anymore.  It is all my fault, being a bother to young master.  My house isn’t far from here, so if young master has something to do, I will rest here for a bit before going back by myself.”

Liu Wan Ting knew that if she made another request, the other side might ignore her, so she chose to retreat.  She did not believe that any man in this world could bear to leave a weak girl alone in a dark alley.

Especially this handsome white clothed young master.

He was filled with righteous rage when he saved her, so he definitely would not ignore her.

She was indeed very smart and very good at calculating other people’s minds.

When Chu Shao Bai heard her words, he couldn’t help being touched and walked over towards her.

He stopped in front of her and looked down at her, “Your foot…..Is it severely injured?”

Liu Wan Ting looked down while rubbing her foot, saying in a soft voice, “It’s alright, it just hurts a lot.  Young master, you don’t need to mide me. I have already caused enough trouble for young master, you should leave first.”

She silently expected Chu Shao Bai’s next sentence, “Then let me carry you.”

Her heart continued to beat fast.

This was the plan that she had spent a lot of time thinking up, so she had to seize her opportunity.

As long as he carried her, then she would be set on him this life!

Who would have thought that after a while, she did not hear Chu Shao Bai’s voice.

She looked up and emotionally looked at him, lightly parting her lips, “Young master, you…..”

Before she finished, Chu Shao Bai nodded, “Alright, since it’s like this, then I’ll be leaving first.”

Liu Wan Ting was stunned as if she did not dare believe her ears.

“You…..”  As soon as she spoke, she saw Chu Shao Bai’s figure sway and like a white lotus in front of her eyes, he disappeared from her sight.

This, this, this…..How was this possible!

He actually left a weak girl in a dark alley like this be herself!

Liu Wan Ting’s face turned incomparably pale as she looked around her with a gaze filled with fear.  That deep darkness was like claws of ghosts. She was so scared that she was trembling as her hand held her shoulders and her head was buried deep in her arms.

She was now filled with regret over the fact that she thought of this bad idea.  In the end, she did did not get closer to the other side and was instead dumped here.

If she knew this earlier, she would not have done this and obediently followed behind that white clothed young master.  Perhaps she would have already returned to her warm home and entered her mother and father’s warm embraces.

A cold wind came from an unknown corner and it brought a rotten smell to it.  When she took a whiff, she almost vomited.

“Wu, wu, wu, wu, wu!”  She couldn’t hold it in anymore and tears burst from her eyes as she broke out sobbing.

She was truly hurt and terrified, unlike that act she put on in front of Chu Shao Bai.

Suddenly, she heard the sounds of footsteps approaching the alley like many people were running towards it.  There were flashes of light that were lanterns that were being raised high up.

Liu Wan Ting immediately stopped crying, not even daring to cry anymore.

These people……would it be those men that tried to kidnap her?

She desperately shrank against the wall and her body trembled.

“Young miss!  Young miss!”

“Wan’er, where are you?”

That group of people holding lanterns charged into the alley, loudly shouting out.

Liu Wan Ting could tell that this was the voice of her father, Historian Liu.

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