Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 575

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Chapter 575: I want it even if you don’t want it

“It’s a hibiscus.”  She thought for a bit and thought of the answer.

Owner Liu nodded and said with a smile, “You’re right, it is a hibiscus.  Someone come and bring the prize for this riddle for this miss.”

A man brought over another brocaded box.  Opening it, she found there was a beautiful mirror inside.

This mirror was different from the bronze mirrors sold on the street.  It was carved completely out of glass, creating an extremely clear reflection.  It was even comparable to modern craftsmanship.

“Wa, such a beautiful mirror!”

Several girls in the audience gave out cries of envy.  They had never seen such a good thing before.

Chen Ning just revealed a smile.  The her from the modern era had seen all manners of strange things, so she just handed it to Chu Shao Bai and then headed off to another riddle.

These riddles were not difficult, but they misled whoever read it.  There were hidden patterns and poems. There were many tricks incorporated into the riddles.

She just thought about it a bit and then answered them one by one.

The man kept running back and forth with prizes while breaking out in a pant.  He could not keep up with Chen Ning’s answering speed.

Afterwards, he learned a trick.  The prizes he fetched he did not give to Chen Ning and directly put them into Chu Shao Bai’s hands.

Very quickly, Chu Shao Bai’s arms were filled with large and small brocaded boxes.

“Yi, Xiao Bai, where are you?”

Chen Ning solved a group of riddles and came back, finding that Chu Shao Bai was gone.  She asked this sentence in surprise.

“I’m right here.”

Chu Shao Bai’s clear voice came from behind a pile of boxes.

Chen Ning looked for the source of the sound and then bent over with laughter.  Those boxes created a tall mountain, completely blocking out Chu Shao Bai.

He was now like a moving christmas tree, being adorned with santa’s presents.

“Xiao Bai, why are you so silly?  You should just throw away the ones you can’t carry, why did you bring them all?”

She smiled as she went over to help him relieve this burden, but Chu Shao Bai dodged out of the way.  He held onto the boxes tightly in his arms like they were treasures.

“If you don’t want it, I want it.”  He said.

Chen Ning felt this was strange and looked into his eyes.

He was the respected King Jing An, how could he want these prizes?

Other than the valuable Profound Cold Iron Stone, all the other items did not cost that much money.  Why did he treat them like treasure?

“Then I’ll help you hold some.”

“No need, no need, these items are not heavy at all.  Don’t touch it, it might fall if you do.”

Chu Shao Bai held the prizes as he carefully moved forward.

The mask on his face had been knocked off by the mask, revealing his handsome face.  His eyes were black and clear, he was full of energy, and there was a smile ever present on his lips.

In order to not let her take anything, Chu Shao Bai walked in front and she followed behind him.

He blocked the flow of people in front of her and held all the things in his arms without letting them fall.  Sometimes he would look back and smile at her.

Every time she saw his smile, her heart would feel warm.

“Xiao Bai, how about we head back?”  Seeing him hold the large amount of gifts while walking forward, she was feeling more and more awkward.

She saw many people looking over at her and then looking at Chu Shao Bai with eyes of sympathy.

Especially a group young girls who looked at her with eyes wishing they could peel her skin.

She had not offended them!

Chen Ning was thinking about this as a young girl suddenly burst forth from the crowd.

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