Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 554

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Chapter 554: Understanding everything

With this scenery, it was as beautiful as a picture.

Zhui Feng at the foot of the hill took a secret look and couldn’t help being stunned.

He never understood being in love, he never understood being moved, but at this moment, he felt his soul stir.  He felt his stone like heart beginning to stir.

If he could hug a girl under the moonlight like this, under the pear blossoms, how intoxicating would that feel.

He couldn’t help imagining it.

Ke, ke, ke, he seemed to be thinking too much, too much!

He looked away with his red face, but his pupils suddenly shrank, looking into the distance in a daze.

Under the splendid pine trees, there was a person there that was like snow with clothes white like frost, standing there without moving a muscle.

The wind blew across his robe, making it flutter like a white butterfly.  It was very eye catching in the night.

It was Chu Shao Bai!

When did he appear?  When did he catch up?  Zhui Feng had not noticed him at all.

Zhui Feng broke out in a cold sweat.  He looked at Chu Shao Bai and his lips moved, but he found that Chu Shao Bai was not even looking at him.  His eyes were staring without blinking at the two people kissing in a tight embrace under the pear blossom trees on the hill.

The two of them had closed their eyes, indulging in each other, completely forgetting everything.

The moonlight was like a white gauze that created a faint silver lining over the beautiful face of the two of them.

Chu Shao Bai silently watched them.  He did not know how long passed before the two of them finally separated.

He saw him raise his hand and press down on her rosy lips, gently saying three words.

“You’re truly sweet.”

The voice was soft and they were thought, but Chu Shao Bai had heard it and had heard it clearly.

Then he saw her smile, revealing a beautiful smile under the moonlight.  She stood on her tiptoes and hooked his neck. He thought that she would kiss him again, but instead she bit his ears.  His face turned slightly red and pretended to scare her, but her laughter rang out like the ringing of a silver bell.

Chu Shao Bai’s eyes was unknowingly covered in a layer of mist.

There was a wooden carved snow lotus hairpin tightly gripped in his hands.  This was personally made by him and given to her which she had been wearing in her hair the entire time.

But she did not even know when she had lost it.

His heart was conflicted and his chest was filled with pain.  There was a fire like heat that burned in him, filling him with pain, making him suffocate.

He understood everything now.

But it seemed like he understood too late.

That black clothed bodyguard, that bastard Xiao Hei, it was no one other than his uncle, the current emperor of the West Chu Country!

What should he do?

His heart turned into a wasteland, being filled with doubts.  The wildfire deep in him burnt until a dull pain came from his palm.  He looked down and found that his palm was bleeding.  It had been hurt by the wooden hairpin.

Did it hurt?


Compared to the pain in his heart, the pain in his palm did not count for anything.

“King Jing An?  King Jing An?”

Zhui Feng called out several times, but Chu Shao Bai did not hear him.  His eyes and ears were all focused on a single person under the pear blossom trees.  Other than her, he heard and saw no one else.

Zhui Feng couldn’t help shaking his head.  He tore off a piece of his clothes and walked over to Chu Shao Bai, preparing to wrap up his palm.

He had always been worried about this.  He thought that after Chu Shao Bai saw this scene, he would lose control and be filled with rage, charging up to go all out against the emperor, but he found that there was none of that!

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