Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 546

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Chapter 546: Two eggs

“This king has promised her to take her see the beauties of the world.  Right now, there is no one the can stop me and no one that can take her from my side.  I will be by her side, forever being with her.”

His voice gradually became lower as two large tears dripped down his face and chin, down his clothes, falling onto the ground.

Zhui Feng’s heart was sad and painful, not being able to describe this feeling.

He looked at Chu Shao Bai’s loving gaze towards her and felt that he was an extra person standing here.  Giving a low sigh, he walked of the carriage and jumped off.

As he was prepared to leave, he suddenly heard Chu Shao Bai call for him.

“Zhui Feng.”

He stopped and turned around, seeing a round thing fall into his arms.  Looking at it, he found it was a single egg.

“You chased this long, you must be hungry.  You can have that to eat on the road.” Chu Shao Bai’s voice came from inside the cart, with a trace of choking up in his voice.

Zhui Feng’s heart felt warm as he was filled with gratitude.

“Many thanks your highness.”

“There is another one here, I’ll also give it to you.”

Another round egg was thrown into his arms.

Zhui Feng was incredibly touched, “Your highness, this subordinate…..”

“You should go quickly, this king wants no one to disturb her peace.  The further you go, the better.”

Zhui Feng did not dare stay any longer.  He held the two eggs in his arms as he used his qinggong to fly towards the capital city.

His heart felt extremely heavy.

He did not complete the task his master gave him and he had personally witnessed that touching scene.

He never thought that a clear minded person like King Jing An would be such an emotional person.  He would bring the princess’ body to tour around the world, watching the beautiful scenery……

But the princess was already dead, what could she even see?  Did King Jing An go crazy?

Moving, too moving!

But what was even more moving was that, while his highness was heartbroken like this, he still thought about how Zhui Feng would be hungry and threw him two hot eggs!

Zhui Feng reached his hand into his arms to touched the two eggs.  They were warm and also filled his heart with warmness.

He suddenly felt embarrassed in his heart.  His highness was this good to him, but he had left tracks leading to his highness on the road.

Should he erase all those tracks?

While he was lost in thought, he suddenly felt the eggs in his hands become even hotter.


What was going on?

He couldn’t help putting the eggs in front of him and examining them.


Although he was far away, Chu Shao Bai could still hear the sound of this explosion.

He curled his lips into a faint smile and the pain in his heart disappeared without a trace, being replaced with pride after successfully accomplishing a prank.

“I wanted to use those to explode brat Hei, but I never thought that that brat Zhui Feng would send himself to me.  If I didn’t let him have a test of those eggs, it wouldn’t be right.”

He turned around and fixed Chen Ning’s hair that had been messed up by the wind.  He then took out the fake dagger from her chest and covered her with the blanket.

“This blade length changing dagger is truly stunning, it’s a good thing I prepared it beforehand and could trick that brat Zhui Feng with it.  At this time, he should have been blow up completely, right? Hei, hei, wanting to fight me, Chu Shao Bai, that brat is a little experienced.”

He came out of the cart and picked up the horse whip, quickly driving off in the horse cart.

Not long after he left, a faint ash grey figure once appeared in the same place.

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