Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 543

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Chapter 543: Being poisoned

The tip of the dagger was incomparably sharp, bringing a bone chilling cold feeling and a faint pain.

She looked down slightly at the dagger stabbing into her chest.  Her eyes slowly moved and fell onto the long and slender beautiful fingers holding the dagger.

It was Chu Shao Bai’s hand.

She slowly raised her eyes and looked at Chu Shao Bai.  He was still wearing a snow white robe and his flawless, beautiful face that was not stained with a single speck of dust, but the dagger in his hand was covered in fresh, red blood.

“Xiao Bai, it was the Empress Dowager that sent you to kill me, right?”  She raised her head and revealed a faint smile to him, that was filled with sweet elegance.

“Yes.”  Chu Shao Bai was also smiling, but his eyes were revealing a look of deep pain.

His hands were slightly trembling.

“I knew it would be like this, so I was waiting the entire time.  I’m just curious why you waited this long to make a move.” She maintained her faint smile as she spoke in a soft voice.  Her eyes were very calm with no surprise or fear.

The trembling of his hand became stronger.

“Since you already guessed it, why did you still follow me?”

“Because I wanted to know if you would actually make a move against me.”  She calmly said.

“Why are you not afraid?  Why do you not scream? Why do you not cry and ask me to spare you?”  The smile on his face disappeared and his voice trembled as he spoke.

“Why do you not stab it in?  Why does you blade only have a short blade?  You know you can’t kill me like this.” She replied with questions as she maintained the smile on her face.

“I…..”  Chu Shao Bai forcefully gritted his teeth and suddenly put down the dagger in his hand.  He hugged her and said in a pained voice, “You know I can’t do it!”

His body was trembling like a lost child.

Chen Ning softly stroked his hair and said in a gentle voice, “Xiao Bai, just kill me.  I know that you are filial towards the Empress Dowager and have never disobeyed her orders.  Being able to die in your hands is at least better than dying in the hands of someone else.”

She picked up the dagger he dropped and placed it in his hand.

“No, I won’t kill you!  You know I’d rather kill myself than having to kill you!”  He threw the dagger far away.

“If you don’t kill me, how will you report to the Empress Dowager?”  She asked in a gentle voice.

“I…..”  Chu Shao Bai gritted his teeth and he looked up with a firm look in his eyes, “Ning’er, I will take you away, far from here.  We will leave the capital, leave West Chu, and we will never take another step in West Chu again! I don’t know why royal grandmother will not let you off, but I definitely will not let you die!  I definitely won’t!”

He leaned over and picked her up before walking over to the horse carriage.

“Ning’er, I have prepared everything.  This horse carriage had long been prepared by me.  Directions, jewelry, silver bills, as well as some clothes and medicine are already in the cart.  We’ll change our clothes and alter our faces, so that no one will recognize us. In just a single month, we will be able to peacefully leave the West Chu Country.  The world is large and waiting for us to explore!”

Chen Ning struggled in his arms, “No, I’m not leaving.  Xiao Bai, let me down!”

She would rather die than leave here!  She would not leave Mo Chuan!

But she became weaker as she struggled and her limbs began to turn numb.  Stars began to appear in front of her eyes as the entire valley began to fly in front of her.

“You…..Did you poison me?”  She gasped out this question as she thought about the two sips of wine.

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