Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 541

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Chapter 541: Scenery more beautiful than her

Chen Ning popped out of the cart’s compartment and hugged her knees beside Chu Shao Bai.  She was breathing in the fresh air as she admired the scenery around them.

Neither of them spoke.  There was only the crisp sound of the whip and the horse’s hooves.

But the atmosphere was surprisingly peaceful and harmonious.

As the horse cart went further, it gradually veered off the main road.  It entered a muddy path covered in thorns as it slowly progressed forward.  

“Xiao Bai, what kind of place are you taking me and how long before we get there?”

Chen Ning looked into the sky and saw that the sun was slowly moving west.  They were already very far from the city and if they kept going, they might not be able to go back before it was dark.

“We’ll be there soon.  After you see it, you will definitely love it.”  Chu Shao Bai drove the horse cart onto a mountain road.

At the foot of the mountain, there was a fiery red dusk and clouds scattered across the fiery red dusk.

Chen Ning felt like the area in front of her lit up and she felt pleasantly surprised.

This was a very, very large valley with both sides being surrounded in green hills that were covered in flowers and trees.

Peach blossoms, apricot blossoms, and pear flowers.  With a sun casting a red glow over the flowers the white flowers, it created a beautiful scenery.

She unknowingly held her breath as she was amazed by the natural beauty in front of her.

The horse cart stopped and he pulled her into the sea of flowers, finally coming under a pear flower tree.

The pear flowers were beautifully blooming.  When the wind blew, the snow white flowers fell like rain on her hair, forehead, and shoulders.  

“Do you like this place?”  He looked at her with a faint smile.  From the moment they had entered the valley, his eyes had not left her.

She was looking at the natural beauty, but he was looking at her.

There was no scenery that was as beautiful as she was.

“I do.”  She gave a heartfelt nod.

“I knew you would definitely love it.  When I accidentally came here, I was as excited and happy as you.  The first person I thought of was you, I knew you would love this place as much as I did.”

He stood under a peach tree and revealed a faint smile to her.  With his snow white clothes and the peach blossoms, Chen Ning suddenly thought of a phrase: Man’s face and peach blossom are both red.

Although the peach blossom was beautiful, how could it compare to his face?

He found a patch of flat grassland and pulled her down.  Like a magic trick, he suddenly pulled out a jug of wine and also a cooked chicken.

“Where did you get the wine and chicken?”  She was getting hungry, so she was pleasantly surprised.

“Not just wine and chicken, there are also other delicacies.”  He smiled as he pulled out a bag from behind him. There were several kinds of desserts and fresh fruit inside.

“Xiao Bai, do you know magic?”

“I found them in the horse cart.  The owner probably forgot to take them, so it’s good for us.”  He smiled as he paved the ground with food and wine before tearing off a chicken leg for her.

When she took a bite of the chicken, he also gave a cup of wine to her.  With a smile, he said, “This is the best Nu Er Hong, it is very gentle. Even if you drink a bottle, you won’t get drunk.”

Her face slightly turned red.  She knew that he was teasing her about becoming drunk with a single sip last time.

“I won’t drink.”  She shook her head and did not take it.

Mo Chuan had said that she could only drink if she was with him.  She also did not know what she incredible thing she would do if she was drunk, so it was better for her to not drink.

Chu Shao Bai smiled and did not force her.  He took a sip and said with a voice of dislike, “This wine is good, but it is too light.  This is the wine that women like to drink, so no wonder it is called Nu Er Hong.

[TL Note: Nu Er means daughter in chinese.]

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