Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 524

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Chapter 524: Sending you to Clear Breeze House

Empress Dowager Zhou had already recovered her calm and coolheadedness.

She picked up a cup of hot tea and slowly blew on the tea leaves on the surface before taking a sip.  Then she finally looked down at the kneeling Xiao Si.

“Su Jin, you can leave.  Close the door.” She said in a calm voice that contained no anger at all.

Xiao Si’s body suddenly trembled and he felt his heart almost jump out of his chest.

The Empress Dowager had even sent out her most trusted confidant Su Jin, this was a bad sign!

After Su Jin left, Empress Dowager Zhou was silent the whole time.  Her eyelids were slightly lowered, like she was closing her eyes.

The atmosphere in the room was tense.

Xiao Si did not dare breathe loudly, out of fear of waking the Empress Dowager.  Even though his knees were filled with pain from kneeling, he did not make a single sound.

If it was possible, he wished he could continue kneeling there.  It would be best if Empress Dowager Zhou truly fell asleep and completely forgot about him.

However it was not to be.  When he was trying to reduce his presence by keeping his breathing down, he suddenly heard Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice.

“Xiao Si, you still refuse to confess?”

Empress Dowager Zhou had a calm voice and expression, but Xiao Si’s heart was in his throat.

He looked down and replied, “This servant will answer everything without restraint the Empress Dowager asks if this servant knows the answer.  However, this servant does not know where the emperor is, please understand Empress Dowager.”

“Stop playing dumb in front of this widow.  You clearly know what this widow wishes to know.”

“This servant is afraid that this servant really doesn’t know what the Empress Dowager is asking for.”

How could Xiao Si not know what Empress Dowager Zhou wanted to ask?  However, he didn’t want to betray his master, so he tightly gritted his teeth.


Empress Dowager Zhou threw her hot tea cup onto the golden brick floor in front of him and the hot tea splashed over his face and body.  He did not make a sound, gritting his teeth and bearing the pain.

“Xiao Si, stop lying in front of this widow!  This widow is not easy to fool. You better tell me clearly how your master met that Chen Family’s girl.  If you dare speak a single lie, this widow will not kill you, but will send you to Clear Breeze House, never letting you raise your head in front of your master again!”  Empress Dowager Zhou’s voice was as cold as ice.

Clear Breeze House!

Xiao Si gave a strong shiver.  Of course he knew what Clear Breeze House was, it was the capital’s most famous little groom house!

[TL note: It’s like a brothel, but for boys to sell themselves instead……perfect for fujoshis.]

The Empress Dowager was too ruthless!

If he was really sent there, wouldn’t he become something that wasn’t human or ghost in just three days?  Even if his master found him, would he have any face to return and serve his master?

The blood in his face completely disappeared and his lips began to tremble.  He looked at Empress Dowager Zhou with a face filled with terror.

“Will you talk or not?”  Empress Dowager Zhou coldly looked at him.

Xiao Si almost began to cry.  Master of my heart, Xiao Si really doesn’t want to betray you, but if this servant does not talk, this servant cannot withstand the Empress Dowager’s punishment!

“Empress Dowager, this servant……really does not know much.”

“Then just say what you know, you’re not allowed to leave a single word out.”  Empress Dowager Zhou was a bit annoyed. She lied back on her couch and closed her eyes to listen.

Xiao Si gritted his teeth and he could only helplessly talk about how his master left the palace and had how he had accidentally met Chen Ning several times.  As well as the matter of how he had pretended to be an assassin to guard Chen Ning in the King Ding Yuan palace. He confessed everything.

Even if he did not confess the things he knew, after Empress Dowager Zhou sent people to investigate, she would sooner or later learn about all of it, so he might as well confess now.

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