Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 516

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Chapter 516: Misunderstanding

When he rushed over, the scene he saw almost made his blood boil with rage.

He saw an unfamiliar man holding her, pushing her against the side of the pool and the blood she had on her lips.  All this pierced his heart.

She had snow white skin and cloud like hair.  The snow white shoulders being revealed in the water clearly meant that she had not been wearing a thing, almost making his nose bleed when he saw this.  Was there a man in the world that could even resist this temptation!

When he was absent, what had happened?

He did not dare think about it!

“It’s my fault, I didn’t arrive in time!”  His heart twisted and he couldn’t bear the pain.

It was because of his negligence that such a large mistake came to be, letting her suffer this kind of bullying.  She…..

He would take responsibility for his actions!

His arms tightly went around her.  His feet quickly moved and he entered the inner room, placing her onto the bed and placing a brocaded blanket over her.  It completely covered her, only revealing her head of long hair and her snow white face.

He sat on the bed and then looked at her without blinking.

Her eyes were slightly red and there were large, sparkling tears around them.  It was like an aggrieved child was staring at him and made his heart twist with pain.

Suddenly, he reached out and wiped her eyes.  If she kept staring at him like this, then his heart felt like it would feel like it was being pierced by blades.

“Ning’er, I will find that man and then chop him to pieces to feed him to the dogs!  As long as he dies, you will still be clean.” He slowly said in a cold and sharp voice, revealing a chilling killing intent.

Chen Ning’s eyes went wide as she was stunned.

What did he mean?  When did she become unclean?

Feeling her tremble, he immediately hugged her tight and firmly said in her ear, “No matter what happened just now, you can forget all of it and never need to think of it again!  I don’t care, I really don’t care. In my heart, you will be the same as before forever, there will be no change!”

Chen Ning bit her lips and trembled while holding back her laughter.

Aiyo!  His imagination was too active!  Did he think that man did something to her?

Alright, it seemed like his misunderstanding was caused by her.  She wanted to test his reaction to see what he would do if someone really did do something to her!

His answer had made her very satisfied.

“Mo Chuan, do you want to know what happened earlier?”  She suddenly whispered in his ear.

His body suddenly turned tense and quickly shook his head, “No, if you don’t want to say it, then you don’t need to tell me.  I already know everything.”

“But you clearly know nothing.”  She blew against his ear. As expected, she saw a blush instantly fill his ear as his face turned red even to his neck.

Earlier on the boat, she had already noticed that his ear was too sensitive.  She had only gently nibbled at it and his arms lost all their strength, making her fall into the lake.

“Ning’er, stop playing!”  Mo Chuan worked hard to control his breathing.  He grabbed her shoulder and gritted his teeth, “Alright, tell me just what happened then.”

She innocently blinked her eyes, “Honestly, nothing happened in the end.”

“Nothing happened?”  He was stunned.

“I was sleeping in the water when summon suddenly jumped into the hot springs.  I called out in shock and he covered my mouth, but I bit his finger before you appeared.  Un, it happened like this.”

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