Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 514

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Chapter 514: Not a true gentleman


[TL Note: This is just gibberish.]

The black clothed man suddenly said something.

He stared at her without blinking with eyes filled with surprise and happiness.

He had been attracted by the smell of sulfur, but he never thought that there would be such a rare pearl hidden here!

This person was not Mo Chuan!

When the black clothed man spoke, Chen Ning could tell from his voice.

He had a strange pronunciation and she could not understand him at all.

Her face instantly turned white as she covered her chest and sank down into the water.  She was clearly soaking in a hot spring, but her limbs felt ice cold.


She gritted her teeth and looked at the strange man like a vicious little animal.

She never thought that a stranger would appear here because with Mo Chuan present, he would not let her suffer any harm.

But where did this man come from?

Could it be Mo Chuan was in danger?

Otherwise he would have heard that something had happened and he would come save her!

Hearing her speak, the black clothed man gave a laugh from his front.  His eyes changed as he said again.

“Tell me, who are you?”

This time his pronunciation was perfect.  She could understand every word he said, but her heart sank.

Because she found that the man was slowly walking over to her.

She walked back, but the pool was only so big.  She was also naked, so even if she wanted to run, where could she go?

She bit her lips and suddenly shouted, “Mo Chuan, save…..”

The word “me” never left her mouth.  The man rushed forward towards her like a cheetah and covered her mouth.  

She immediately opened her mouth and bit down on his finger.  With a strong bite, she tasted blood in her mouth.

A cold glow flashed in the man’s eyes as he released a cold aura.  It was very terrifying.

He grabbed onto her hair and pulled back on it.  She felt the pain and had no choice but to let go.  Her pale lips were dyed with fresh blood.

It was his blood!

She glared at him.  Her eyes were no longer soft and charming, but rather they were filled with defiance.

“Bastard!  Let me go!”  She cursed through gritted teeth.

This man was definitely not a gentleman and had bad intentions.

He clearly saw that she was in the hot springs without any clothes, but still approached her.  If he wasn’t a rogue, then what was he!

The man’s eyes narrowed and he was stunned.  Then, he slowly began to speak, iterating every word he said.

“I am not surnamed Liu, nor am I a rogue.  If you tell me who you are, I will let you go.”

She closed her mouth and her eyes lit up.

Because she had seen Mo Chuan.

He had appeared behind the black clothed man with an expressionless face, but his eyes were cold as ice and sharp as a sword.  There was a freshly snapped branch in his hand that was pointed at the acupuncture point at the back of the black clothed man’s neck.

“Let her go, or I will take your life!”  He coldly said.

The black clothed man’s body turned stiff.  He never thought that someone would suddenly appear behind him.

Mo Chuan moved the branch forward and his neck felt numb.  He knew he was trapped, so he couldn’t help feeling anxious and angry as he cursed, “Who are you?  Secretly attacking someone, are you even a man!”

“You’re bullying a woman, what kind of man are you?”  Mo Chuan coldly said.

“Who says I’m bullying her?  I like her, so I wanted to know her name!”  That man did not dare move, but he looked at Chen Ning.  His eyes narrowed as he revealed a smile and said, “Tell me, what is your name?”

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