Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 506

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Chapter 506: Two heads

Chen Ning repeatedly shook her head, “No more, no more.”

She felt that her mouth was dry and unknowingly picked up the wine cup, taking a few sips.

If she kept listening and drinking like this, she might drink herself to death.

“If you haven’t heard enough, I can have them sing songs one after the other, until you’ve heard enough.”

Mo Chuan suddenly approached her, whispering while laughing.

His breath fell onto her ears, making them itch and her face turn warmer.

“Enough, I’ve really heard enough.”  She quickly covered her ears and rubbed them.

Mo Chuan revealed a smile and took out a piece of silver, throwing it onto the other boat.

“Many thanks, two customers.”  The two girls had only sung a single song and didn’t feel like they deserved this kind of reward.  Their eyes lit up as they continued to bow.

Mo Chuan waved his hand and that ship disappeared into the distance, turning into a candlelight on the lake.

“The wind is big on the river, so let’s go in and drink?”

Mo Chuan had deep internal strength and did not fear the cold, but he was worried that she was weak and couldn’t stand the cold wind coming from the water.

He caressed her light clothing and secretly felt regret.  How could he be so careless, not bringing a heavy outer robe for her.

But this couldn’t be blamed on him.  He was the emperor, so his food and clothing were all brought to him.  He thought about the matters of the nation all day, so how could he have time to think of these trivial things.

“Alright, let’s go in and drink.”  She stood up and headed inside the cabin.

With the blowing wind, the wine fumes was blown into them.  She had only been three parts drunk, but that turned to being ten parts drunk.

She was swaying around and her foot underneath her stumbled, suddenly falling.  Her entire body fell like a stump, falling straight forward.


Mo Chuan had the wine in one hand while holding the table in the other.  When he saw this, the wine and table were thrown into the water and he went forward to catch her.

He couldn’t make it in time.

He could only jump forward, falling right underneath her as she fell, making it so she wasn’t hurt at all.

“Mo Chuan.”  She placed an arm on his chest, swaying as she raised her head.  With a giggle, she said, “Why do you have two heads? Why do you keep swaying around?  Your swaying is making my head dizzy.”

Hearing this, Mo Chuan didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

This girl was drunk again.

He remembered the last time she was drunk, the way she laughed while staying in his arms.  His heart warmed up from remembering this.

One hand gently held her waist while the other hand gently helped her sweep the hair from her face.  He revealed a loving smile and gently said, “Ning’er, you’re drunk.”

“I’m not drunk, I’m just a little dizzy.” She shook her head, but that made her even more dizzy.  Her arm could not longer support the weight of her body and she fell down once again on his firm chest.

That soft touch once again made his heart race and his breath to stop.  The flames deep within that had been extinguished once again burned.


If he kept holding her like this, he would not be able to hold on.

He took a deep breath and held her shoulders, maintaining a set distance from her.  In the depths of his eyes, there were two flames burning.

“Ning’er……”  When he said these two words, he suddenly felt his voice stop and he couldn’t help being stunned.

“Un, what do you want?”  She slightly lowered her head, revealing a drunk and beautiful smile, looking down at him.

The cabin was very dark with only the light being reflected off the water illuminating it.  His handsome face was covered with water vapour, which she couldn’t help indulging in.

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