Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 498

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Chapter 498: Truly a mystery

Thinking of the first time she met Mo Chuan, she couldn’t help sighing.  In the past, how could she have thought that a quick meeting like that would result in all these things happening?

Only these matters, should she tell everything to the Eldest Princess?

“Eldest Princess, have the emperor personally tell you this story, alright?”  She spoke in a soft voice, giving the Eldest Princess a faint apologetic smile.

Because she really didn’t know how to tell it.

She also didn’t understand why Mo Chuan was willing to become a bodyguard for her, saving her not once, but three times.

She did not even know when Mo Chuan fell in love with her……

This had been a mystery to her the entire time.

The Eldest Princess gave a sigh and said, “If he was willing, this princess would not be asking you.  But, even if you want to say it, there are people that will not let you say it.”

She winked at Chen Ning and said with a smile, “Look, there is someone looking for you,”

Chen Ning looked up and was stunned to find that there was an extra person that appeared in the room at an unknown time.

He was wearing black clothes, silently standing in the shadow of the room.  He was silent just like a shadow.

Chen Ning bit her lips and silently looked at him.  Although he was wearing a human skin mask, she could recognize him with a single glance.

Mo Chuan!

When did he come?  How could she not notice!

Coming and leaving without a trace, it was just like him.

He took off that aloof dragon robe that represented his true status and once again wore the black clothes of her bodyguard, giving him a familiar and warm feeling.

His deep, dark, and bottomless stared at her without blinking.  His jaw was tense and he did not say a single word.

He clearly knew she was looking at him, but he did not say a word.

The Eldest Princess looked back and forth, seeing that they were looking at each other, with no one sparing her a glance.

“Alright, alright, just say whatever you guys want to say.  This princess will not stay here as an extra person to listen in on your conversation.”

She endured her curiosity and reluctantly walked out.  Walking to the door, she couldn’t help looking at Mo Chuan before pushing her way out the door and closing it behind her.

The room was quiet.

There was only the occasional sparks coming from the candle.

The two of them did not talk, just silently looking at each other.

Chen Ning suddenly felt that she couldn’t see through Mo Chuan.

Because he seemed to be angry…..

But why was he angry?

What did she do wrong?

Eh, it seemed like she had done something to make him really angry.

She looked down in a guilty manner, avoiding his aggressive eyes.  She wanted to divert his attention, so she deliberately changed the topic.

“Mo Chuan, when did you come?  Why did I not notice at all? Your qinggong is so good, can you teach me in the future?”

Mo Chuan did not say a word.  His deep, dark eyes continued staring at her face, seeing it turn red and her feeling even more guilty.

“Wu, are you thirsty?  Do you want some tea? This is some mountain cloud mist tea, it is very fragrant…..Ah!”

She calmly walked over and poured out a cup of tea for him.

Before she finished speaking, he suddenly grabbed her wrist, gently holding it.  She fell like this into his arms and one of his hands grabbed her waist, not letting her move.

With a “dang” sound, the tea cup in her hand fell to the floor and shattered to pieces.

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