Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 491

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Chapter 491: Something that shouldn’t be seen

“Give her to this princess.”

The Eldest Princess looked at him with a complicated gaze.  Her eyes fell onto the person in his arms, so she reached out, but Chu Shao Yang would not let go.

“Where is her room?  This king will carry her over.  Royal aunt, I don’t dare cause trouble for you.”  His voice was filled with grievances.

“Humph!  Come with me!”

The Eldest Princess’ face was cold, but she looked at Chen Ning with worry before moving towards the yard in the back.

When the three of them walked out of the door, Xiao Ru immediately saw Chen Ning in Chu Shao Yang’s arms and she exclaimed, “Young miss!”

“Bastard highness, let go of my young miss!”

She charged forward, but Chu Shao Yang waved his sleeve and a force pushed her into the distance.

He strode forth while carrying Chen Ning, walking into the yard.

The doctor quickly arrived.  The one that came was the most experienced old doctor with a white beard and a little eunuch carrying a medicine box walking behind him.

The old doctor sat by the bed to take Chen Ning’s pulse.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes fell onto the little eunuch’s face and the gave a cold snort.

The Eldest Princess did not care as she looked at Chen Ning, feeling very worried.

“Doctor Zhang, what illness does Ning’er have?  Why did she suddenly faint?”

She anxiously waited for the old doctor to finish taking her pulse and asked this in an anxious voice.

“Reporting to the Eldest Princess, there is nothing serious with the Princess Consort.  She was too excited and her blood rushed to her head, causing her to faint. She will wake up in a while after resting.  Wu, only…..”

The old doctor said this and then suddenly knit his brows, looking very hesitant.

“Only what?  Quickly say it!”  The Eldest Princess’ heart that fell jumped up again, urging him to continue.

“This old man could tell from her pulse that the Princess Consort’s heart is in chaos right now.  It’s like she has suffered a strong shock and excitement, so she will feel a bit of pain when she wakes up.  This old man will prescribe a medicine for her that will help her soothe her nerves.”

The old doctor cautiously said.

“Then quickly give the medicine!”  Once Chu Shao Yang heard him finish, he urgently said this.

The old doctor lifted his blurry old eyes and took a glance at Chu Shao Yang before turning to the Eldest Princess to say, “When the Princess Consort awakens, you must not let her feel agitated again, or she will faint again.  If the Princess Consort is stimulated again, I’m afraid it will harm her body. Also, not only is the Princess Consort’s heart in chaos, she seems to be in shock, like she was scared by something. When the Princess Consort awakens, you musn’t let her see anything she shouldn’t see.”

When the Eldest Princess heard this, she couldn’t help looking at Chu Shao Yang before saying, “Many thanks doctor Zhang.  Please prescribe the medicine now.”

Chu Shao Yang’s face turned livid as he coldly watched the old doctor prescribe her medicine.  He wanted to knock out all the old doctor’s teeth with a single palm.

This damn old thing, what thing that she shouldn’t see!

He was implying that he had scared Chen Ning unconscious, clearly he was making false accusations!

Ning’er only fainted because she was excited by his deep confession.

When she woke up, he would not use such a fierce method to tell her his feelings.

He would slowly tell her bit by bit just how much he cared about her.  He would tell her that his heart was completely covered in her shadow.

From the young her to the current her, he would use everything he had to properly love her.

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  1. Alfred1994 says:

    It only needed only one look to make her fall for him? What a joke, I mean should the female lead be this cheap ?

    • TeaTae says:

      Other FL I don’t know but I don’t think CN is.

    • PerfectlySimple says:

      I don’t think falling in love makes people faint lol

      If she did fall for him, there’s no way she’d roll with it and forget his cruel streak. Not to mention he’s pretty crazy. I mean the dude sent her a finger. If she goes home with him and angers him, he’ll definitely hurt her maid for real. Or assault her again. She might be stupid but she’s not 100% stupid. There’s no way the two of them can coexist.

  2. This Shao yang is obsessed

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