Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 489

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Chapter 489: This heart beats for you

“How could you make such a heavy vow!  You, you…..” The Eldest Princess could not keep speaking.

She had a stomach filled with grievances towards Chu Shao Yang, but her heart became soft at this moment and she couldn’t scold him.

Chen Ning was completely immune to Chu Shao Yang’s words.  Even if he said it a ten times, her heart would still not be moved.

Not to mention the fact that she came from the modern era, scoffing at things like vows.

“Chu Shao Yang, is something certain just because you vow it?  You made a vow to Chen Bi Yun in the past to forever take care of her, but what about now?  Didn’t you turn around without a word, acting heartless towards her? You don’t even want the child in her stomach, so why should I trust your vow?”

Every word she said hurt Chu Shao Yang.  Chu Shao Yang’s face fell and was covered in anger.

He clenched his fists and suppressed his anger before saying in a cold voice, “That is something Chen Bi Yun should blame on her own shamelessness!  Who told her to lie to this king. This king thought the person that saved me eight years ago was her, so I promised to take good care of her. This king did not go back on my promise, this king just recognized the wrong person!  The person this king wants to take care of is you, not her! Ning’er, you can say that I am blind, but you can’t say that I am not devoted to you! Do you want this king to pull out my heart for you!”

He became more excited as he spoke and the muscles on his face twisted.  His right hand suddenly came to his chest and he ripped his clothes, revealing his strong chest muscles.

“Shao Yang, what do you want to do?”  Although the Eldest Princess was his elder, she was still a young and unmarried woman.  Seeing a man expose his skin like this, her face couldn’t help turning red and she looked away.

“Ning’er, as long as you say a single word, I will rip out my heart for you!”  Chu Shao Yang stared at Chen Ning with a firm look in his eyes, but his lips had a faint smile on it.

Chen Ning’s heart suddenly hurt like something was pulling on it.  She pressed her hand on her heart and felt her heart beat increasing with each beat.

She looked into his eyes and saw the firm look, telling her that he was serious.  He would really rip out his heart for her!

A wave of sadness filled her heart that made her heart hurt.  Her eyes became warm like she was about to cry.


She clearly did not love him.  The person she loved was clearly Mo Chuan, so how could his words and eyes move her like this?

Could it be that the original owner’s unforgettable feelings for this man were still affecting her?

“Ning’er, you still like me, right?”

Chu Shao Yang saw the faintly sparkling tears in her eyes and he was excited and happy.  He couldn’t help taking a step forward, firmly holding her hands.

His palm had a faint callus on it, but the palm was burning.  When he touched her skin, she suddenly felt a chill and her entire body shivered.

It was this hand that tore her clothes and pushed against her in the carriage.  The feeling of his hand on her skin almost made her want to vomit in disgust!

“Don’t touch me!”  She forcefully pulled her hand back, but he suddenly put her hand against his chest, staring at her without even blinking.

“Feel it.  This fast beating heart, it beats for you.  Can you feel it?”

His heart was beating very strongly, shaking his entire chest.  Every beat of his heart was followed by a strong vibration.

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