Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 485

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Chapter 485: He came

But she kept pursing her lips and digging her head into Chen Ning’s chest.

“Young miss, why did you leave for so long!  This servant thought you didn’t want Xiao Ru.  Wu, wu, have you been well inside the palace? Are you used to the food and accommodations?  Has Empress Dowager been making it hard for you? Did you think of Xiao Ru? This servant has been thinking of you every day!  Young miss, promise this servant, no matter where you go in the future, you will bring this servant, alright?”

She tightly hugged Chen Ning, not letting go no matter what.

Chen Ning’s heart felt warm as she rubbed Xiao Ru’s head.  With a faint smile, she said, “Alright, I’ll promise you. I can not have anyone, but I can’t not have my precious Xiao Ru.”

“Really?”  Xiao Ru suddenly stopped crying and revealed a smile.  She looked up with sparkling tears on her face.

Chen Ning wiped her smile with a faint smile and asked, “Is the Eldest Princess in the palace?  I want to go thank the Eldest Princess.”

Xiao Ru suddenly patted her head and shouted, “Aiya, the Eldest Princess gave the orders to bring the young miss to her once you awaken, but this servant completely forgot.  Young miss, just wait a minute, this servant will go tell the Eldest Princess.”

She suddenly ran out in an embarrassed manner, but Chen Ning stopped her.

“Wait, I’ll go with you to see the Eldest Princess.”

She stood up and Xiao Ru went to pump a bowl of water for her to wash her face.

Chen Ning did not even finish washing before a few maids arrived outside.  They were holding trays that contained clothes, jewelry, and even a few maids holding food.  They kneeled down to greet Chen Ning.

“Greetings, Princess Consort.  We servants have the Eldest Princess’ orders to come and serve the Princess Consort.”

These maids put the trays of the table and began to help Chen Ning dress herself.

When she was dressed, they opened the food containers and took out the dishes of food inside.

There was blue jade porridge, beautiful silk shrimp balls, and pine nut fish soup.  Each dish was carefully made and very fragrant.

Smelling the fragrance, Chen Ning suddenly felt very hungry.  Xiao Ru stood up the side, also swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

“Xiao Ru, let’s eat together.”

Chen Ning pulled Xiao Ru to sit beside her.  The two of them were not polite, sweeping away all the dishes.

After finishing their meal, Chen Ning asked the maids where the Eldest Princess was right now.  She led Xiao Ru to the main hall, preparing to thank the Eldest Princess.

She was very grateful to the Eldest Princess.  If she hadn’t been taken away by the Eldest Princess, she would have fallen into the demon Chu Shao Yang’s hands.

The thing she was most grateful for was that not only did the Eldest Princess save her, she also saved Xiao Ru.

A maid led the way for them.  The Eldest Princess’ palace was built like her personality, very simple.  There was a large courtyard with no terraces and a little bridge over a flowing stream.  There was also a large practice hall with eighteen different kinds of weapons inside.

Past the martial arts practice field was the main hall.  Before they arrived in front of the door, the sound of porcelain shattering came from within.


Following it, a man’s clear voice suddenly sounded, “Royal aunt!  Ning’er must be in your palace! Give her back to this king!”

Chen Ning’s footsteps suddenly paused and she couldn’t help stopping.

“Young miss, what’s wrong?”

Xiao Ru noticed the change in Chen Ning’s expression.  She had been smiling, but that smile disappeared. Her brows quickly knit to reveal a look of anger and she bit her lips.

“He’s here.”  Chen Ning slowly spat this out.

“Who’s here?”  Xiao Ru looked forward and her face turned red before turning white.

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