Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 478

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Chapter 478: Counsel before taking action

But how could he sit there?  His butt felt like it was being poke by thorns.  Once thinking about how Chen Ning was missing and he didn’t know if she was even still alive, he was filled with worry.

“Xiao Si, you confused thing.  King Ding Yuan is sick, so how could he sit on such a hard chair!  Go and bring a soft cushion over!” Mo Chuan looked over and could see Chu Shao Yang’s uncomfortable sitting appearance.

“Yes, yes.”  Xiao Si suppressed his laughter and brought the cushion over.

“Many thanks for the emperor’s concern.”  Chu Shao Yang squeezed out a smile and rose to thank him.

Mo Chuan looked at Empress Dowager Zhou, “Mother, your son still has things to discuss with the ministers, so I’ll pay my respects to mother on another day.  Please take care of yourself mother.”

Empress Dowager Zhou nodded and looked into her son’s vibrant eyes, feeling a bit of pain in her heart, “The emperor works hard for the country, but you also need to take care of your body.  This widow will leave first.”

She slowly turned around and her heart filled with a bit of pain.

If the emperor knew that his beloved woman was sent out of the palace by her and that she had been unknowingly been kidnapped by someone, with the emperor’s personality, perhaps……

Empress Dowager Zhou gritted her teeth.  She couldn’t let the emperor know about this matter and had to hide it as long as possible!

She slightly looked to the side at Chu Shao Yang inside the study, with a look of warning in her eyes.

Chu Shao Yang’s eyes perfectly met here eyes.  When they looked at each other, he immediately understood the Empress Dowager’s meaning, giving a slight nodding.

The Empress Dowager did not want the emperor to know Chen Ning was missing and he didn’t want him to know either.

He secretly clenched his fist.  Definitely! He had to find Chen Ning before the emperor knew about this matter.  He would trap her by his side forever, never letting anyone see her!

Chu Shao Yang never thought that this discussion would take an entire night!

All the way until morning court the next morning, the ministers were still arguing with one another, being filled with rage.  Some wanted to fight and some wanted peace. Some suggested first paying the tribute, but some were advocating giving the East Qin envoys a fierce beating.

Chu Shao Yang’s mind was not present and how could he have the heart to listen to politics, but he understood most of it after listening for a bit.   It seemed like the East Qin sent envoys to collect the tribute and to have three competitions. If West Chu loses these competitions, they would have to pay double the tribute.

When he heard this, anger filled his mind.

“Emperor, please give this minister a troop of soldiers.  This minister will immediately cut off the heads of the East Qin envoys!”  He suddenly stood up and loudly said this.

When he said this, everyone was surprised and looked over at him.

The ministers were originally looking down on him.  They saw him sitting there without saying a word even in the face of the aggression of the East Qin Country  He was the dignified King Ding Yuan, the emperor’s blood related nephew. If he became a turtle that did not dare come out his shell, what use did he have!

But when everyone heard what he said, they couldn’t help revealing a smile of ridicule.

They were thinking what kind of clever idea he had, but it was this!

If we could casually cut off the heads of the East Qin envoys, then why would the emperor need to call all the ministers here to discuss counter measures for an entire night?

It seemed like this King Ding Yuan was nothing more than a brave idiot!

Mo Chuan’s deep eyes looked over at Chu Shao Yang and calmly said, “Don’t be impatient King Ding Yuan.  This one has already sent King Jing An to investigate the origin of the East Qin envoys and the news should be coming back soon.  As for how to deal with the East Qin envoys, let’s wait for King Jing An’s news first and make a move after discussing these matters.”

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