Empress Running Away with the Ball Chapter 467

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Chapter 467: Returning to you what is owed

Him hugging her so tightly, she almost could not breathe, but she did not want to struggle at all.  It was a wonderful feeling being hugged by him like this.  She closed her eyes and wanted to stay like this in his embrace forever, never leaving him.

“Mo Chuan.”  She looked up from his embrace and looked into his eyes.  These eyes filled with affection, seeing them made his heart skip a beat.

“Un?”  He looked down with his deep eyes, with his nose almost touching her nose, making his heart beat fast.

Her lips slightly parted, but she hesitated.  Then she let out a gentle sigh as her eyes revealed a look of frustration.

It would be good if he wasn’t the emperor.

He could bring me high into the sky, flying far away from this place, leaving all the fighting in the palace, the infighting with other women, and leaving leaving this power struggle.  We could be a pair of free and unrestrained wanderers.  These kinds of days is what I dream of.

“What do you want to say?”  His voice was hoarse as his thin lips touched her nose.  His eyes was staring at her red lips the entire time.

Her body was releasing a faint sweet smell that entered his nose, making him want to take a step forward…..

“This is what I owed you.  I’m returning it to you.”

She suddenly stood on her tiptoes and quickly placed a kiss on his lips.

It was very gentle, like have something warm and soft pressed against his lips.

His entire body was stunned as his eyes opened wide, looking at her with complete disbelief.

Before he could even react, she had already left his embrace.  Her face had a charming, shy blush as she turned around to run out the door.

Until her figure disappeared out the door, he finally realized what had just happened.

She had taken the initiative to kiss him!

But he acted like he was made of wood, not reacting at all!

Mo Chaun did not chase her.  His heart was beating with joy right now, with giant waves stirring within his heart.  He was filled with excitement, joy, and a kind of sweetness that could not be described.

Of course, there were also emotions of regret.

How could he not react and let her escape from his grasp like this?

But he could not be blamed because he never had this experience and she far exceeded his expectations.

His entire person was stunned in this moment!

He just remembered the taste of the short kiss.  It was too fast, so fast that he almost did not feel it and she left just like that.  He couldn’t help sticking out his tongue, which went over his lips.  That was where her lips had just touched, but it had a bitter taste to it.

He was stunned again.  This was their first kiss, so it should be sweet, but why was it bitter?

Then he realized that it was of the tears on her lips.

Alright, you little girl.  When he finished his matters, he would find her again.  He would grab onto her when the time comes and would not let her escape.  He would have a serious taste, whether it was bitter or sweet!

Mo Chuan’s eyes had never sparkled as much as they were at this moment.  His heart felt like it was flying right now.

When he came out of the temple, his entire person felt like it was floating, like he was walking on the clouds.

Even his lips were slightly curled.

When he saw Xiao Si, he actually smiled at him.  This gentle smile made a chill run down Xiao Si’s back.

Xiao Si took a few steps back and rubbed the goosebumps on his arm.  His little heart was beating fast in his chest.

What was happening with the emperor?  Why he directing this gentle smile at him?

Yi, this was truly chilling!

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